Interested advertisers can leverage the massive traffic on www.rccg.org  to advertise/showcase their banner/website on our website for a defined period

The www.rccg.org website offers exciting and affordable options of advert rates to interested advertisers. Your banner will be posted on our site rotated with other banners currently on display.


The options available include:

Monthly Plans During Non Major RCCG Event   (August-RCCG Annual Convention, December-RCCG Annual Congress and March- Special Holyghost Service)

1 Month


Banner – (480×60 pixels) (All pages)
N10,000 (Naira)
Banner – (300×250) (All pages)
N20,000 (Naira)


Monthly Plans During RCCG Major Events (August-RCCG Annual Convention, December-RCCG Annual Congress and March- Special Holyghost Service) 


1 Month
Banner – (480×60 pixels) (All pages)
N20,000 (Naira)
Banner – (300×250) (All pages)
N40,000 (Naira)


All Advert Zones on the Homepage are 50,000 Monthly


For users who want to activate Ads manually, simply send us a mail at [email protected] using the heading, “Advert”, and we will assist you. 


How to Place Adverts

To place ads on www.rccg.org, the first step is to get your ad banner designed by a good graphic designer. Your ad banner must be borderless, and according to the Advert zone size you will see on selection. The image must also be in PNG or JPG format.

Once it’s ready, simply click on any available Adzone that you see available. One example is this image here advert


You will immediately be taken to a page to wher you will upload your banner image and add your desired link.

Once done, you will now be directed to enter some few details at the checkout page which will enable you to have access to the backend to check your statistics and make payment.

Once payment has been completed your Ad will immediately be placed under review which should not take more that 24 Hours.

Upon Approval, your Ad will now be published live on www.rccg.org. Ensure to check your email inbox or email spambox for Login and other details.

Remember that your Ad may not be approved if it is not in compliance with the RCCG Advert Terms

After your ad is approved, you will now be able to log in and monitor your Ads



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Thank you for your cooperation

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