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God Bless

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


  1. Ibukun Ogunleye

    Even as our hearts bled for the loss a great man but our rejoicing is in knowing that your eternity is with Jesus Christ. We will miss you but God who loves you more knows best. RIP. Till we meet again.

    • Prince Mike M. Obanure.

      The sudden departure of Pastor Oluwole Obanure from this sinful world came to us as the ruddest shock of our life.
      It was like a dream that we thought prayers and precautionary measures could still prevent from coming to past, but alas! the reality eventually dawn on us with sadness, sorrow and despair.
      The Otemala omo Akinjobi and the Fayomi Royal families of Iyara in Kogi state were thoroughly devastated with Pastor Olu Obanure’s unexpected demise. It was painful as it was heartbreaking to suddenly lose a great pillar, a pride, our man of God of no mean standing in the comity of candidates for the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven, and our inspirational teacher of the Right Words and the hope of bringing to Iyara greater teachers of the living God.
      We, however, thank God that Olu died in the Lord, and our happiness knows no bound that he is living with the angels of heaven around the throne of grace and everlasting joy singing hallelujah to the King of glory.
      His cheerfulness, gentility, kindness to all people, friendliness and on top of it all his commitment to the work of God are so natural and intimidating that all people of all races admired him.
      The Obanure dynasty, the Iyara community, the immediate and extended families,colleagues, the church on earth and humanity in general would miss you, but the angels in heaven are already celebrating your arrival.
      Continue to rest in perfect peace where there is no trouble, no sorrow or suffering until we meet to part no more.
      Sunre o, Otemala omo Akinjobi ogo m’alade,omo aamewo romi,oni igbere unmo ya awon, omo olomi lodo ohi, ije menaka anaka ija, odera lomi yha…, Ibobo ije omihun ,ibobo ije age. Omo ti baba o se ile baba jeje………….

      • A/P Gabriel Amanwachi

        It was sudden,shocking and made my heart heavy when I heard of the death of my Daddy, friend and an example of humility personified. I give God all the glory for his life here on earth.

    • Sanya Kolajo

      Pastor Olu Obanure! Your departure was so sudden and shocking to many. We cannot issue a query to our God because He knows the end from the beginning and death is a necessary end. What an amiable man of God you were. One thing that really endeared me to him was his unique grace of remembering pastors names. He just needed to meet you once and the next time he called you by your name. He was simplicity personified- a rare quality of men of God in this generation. He would never raise his voice on you even if you have done what could warrant raising of voice. He was a man of the word and I always enjoyed his use of English anytime he preached. He will so much simplify the scripture to the point that a novice will be able grasp the message being passed across. In my little interaction with him, I saw him as man who was void of offence towards God and man. He will be greatly missed. I pray the Lord will grant the wife, children and the church of God the fortitude to bear this loss. We have our solace in the fact that there is a resurrection morning where all of us will meet to part no more. Adieu gallant soldier of Christ.

  2. FO

    Father of the fatherless, Judge and Defender of the widow, thank You that you will stand solidly by this family, and they will never lack any good thing, in Jesus Name.

  3. Peace Adebayo

    We will greatly miss Pastor Olu Obanure, one of the generals of God. But we are consoled that that you die serving God till the last breath.
    Your life has impacted several lives including me, though I did not know you intimately, I have been touched by your love for God and simplicity.
    Live on till we meet at the feet of Jesus when we shall receive the crown of Life, where we live never to die. Amen

  4. Abi

    Sleep on Man of God, till the resurrection morning. God will take care of all that you left behind…. May we all make heaven IJN

  5. Pastor Bola Lasisi

    Pastor Olu Obanure finished well and he finished. He finished his earthly assignment on a high note, with impeccable testimonies. He has joined the heavenly, on a new assignment and has dropped mortality for immortality. The Holy Spirit, the Comforter will continue to comfort the RCCG and his family and grant all of us peace, strength and the fortitude to carry on the good work where Pastor Obanure handed over the baton. I could still hear him, saying “Pastor” on the phone when myself and my wife visited Ghana early April 2017, just three weeks before his glorious exit. Pastor Olu Obanure , adieu. Shalom.

  6. Olusola Jay

    We love you but God love you more, we will miss YOU in RCCG,but we will meet at feet of Christ where we will not part again. RIP.

  7. Pastor Marcus Chilaka

    Pastor Norah and I hereby send our condolences to Pastor Obanure’s family and the entire mission. We had the unique honour and privilege to serve under him from the early years of the RCCG in Abuja till it grow and Pastor Obanure became the State Pastor (as was the designation then). On this occasion we pray the Lord to ‘teach us to number our days…’ Rest In Peace till we also take our bow to Glory Land.


    Pastor Obanure was a good man of God who i love so much during his programme at province 26 at Jakande may his soul rest in perfect peace we love u but God love u more.
    All the good work u left behind God will bless them IJMN.
    Your family wife and children God will protect them all IJMN

  9. We bless the name of the Lord for the life of Late Pastor Obanure. He was such a diligent, committed, hardworking man of God. Someone who has passion for souls and the work of God. God knows best and the reason He called him home but we pray that the Lord will comfort the family he left behind and continue to strenghten them inJesus name. ‘Rest in Peace till we see in glory in Jesus name.

  10. Adebowale Excellency Tomisin

    Rest in Peace Pastor Obanure. May God Almighty comfort the family and church members you left behind. Till we all see God in Glory RIP.

  11. Gospel&Julie Ogbonna

    Great man of God, committed and highly inspiring. You were a great inspiration to many of us. Alas! God knows why it must be now. Till we meet at His glorious Feet adieu! Gospel & Julie (Ogale Eleme)

  12. Pastor Chris Olukolade

    Well, it is well! This marks the exit from here & triumphant entry into glory of a peculiar vessel of God. Wish I knew that our intimate chat on Sunday in Abuja was going to be the last with this ever pleasant friend. Calling out to me in the large crowd in his usual calm voice & in the way he fondly refers to me, he said ‘Mon General ‘ how far! We stepped aside from the large crowd to enable me brief him on an assignment he gave me. We laughed & parted hoping to meet in the camp later in the week. Then this news. Well, it is well! Trusting the Holy Spirit to minister due comfort to my sister, his wife; to our father in the Lord, the entire church, the family and the array of friends across the globe. May we receive all encouragement from Him in a time like this. Meanwhile, rest on our beloved Pastor Olu Obanure, till we meet to part no more at the bosom of our great Lord & Saviour. Good night, Pastor!

  13. Olusegun TOLUHI

    Pastor Olu Obanure was a Saint whose mind has always been upon his eternal home. It isn’t such a shock to me, that he left this early. Still, he has given us another reason to strive for this home, so that we would, one day, have yet another fellowship. Rest on, beloved of the LORD.

  14. Ifeze Ifeanyichukwu E. Obi

    Our Father’s great light shone towards me through this wonderful heart of a man. I attest to a heart that felt and expressed the most compassionate heart of our Father to me at a time I desperately desired to feel HIS comfort. So I personally attest that pastor Obanure was once an instrument that spread the glory of the Most High! Glory be to God! I am ultra confident our Father who first said it, will never forsake his family!

  15. Joseph Oluwatosin

    The Lord brought you to this world for a purpose. Though to us, it was like your time with us was short, you really gave us a lot to thank God for. My wife and I cannot easily forget the rare love you showed us, among other things, last August during the convention. We had some accommodation issues and you stumbled into us and stood with us for hours into late night and ensured that we were sorted. You really touched lives positively and surely we shall emulate your candour. We are missing you but take solace in the fact that you served your God to the best of your ability. Sun re o our dear Pastor.
    Pastor/Pastor Mrs. Joseph Oluwatosin.

  16. Pastor Adeyemi Awofeso

    What a great lost! A father, teacher, mentor and defender of rights of others is gone. Pastor Olu Obanure (” Oba o ninu ire” as we fondly called you) will be greatly missed by all of us who knows you and all you stood for while on earth. How i wish we could travel back in time to really pay attention to all your numerous teachings, seminars and training but alas! it no longer possible. I hope others could emulate your good virtue and improves not only on their walks with God but on their human relations especially with their subordinates. God Almighty Himself will comfort the church and His entire family. Adieu !!! Till we meet at the Lord’s feet to part no more.

  17. Daniel Ayodele

    In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on the beautiful shore if we continue steadfast in the way of the LORD JESUS. May the Lord comfort all the brethren and his family in the mighty name of Jesus.

  18. Oh! My Pastor Olu, you will be sorely missed. I met you and Sister Yemi just as I got to become a member of the Church. I love our nursery days as workers, me being junior to you both of course. It was always so nice to be your hostess whenever you visit lagos with your family. How you made me understand the tenets of our christianity has kept me established in the Faith. As a member of the BOT Africa missions you were always a pillar of encouragement, teaching me patience as secretary to the board at the time. As my province pastor at TOG you were a father in deed. I will certainly miss you. Sister Yemi and the Children please take heart. As usual pastor has gone ahead to make arrangement for our reception in heaven when the time comes. He has fought the good fight. I know he has received his crown, becoming a saint triumphant. Rest in the Lord’s Bosom, my Pastor and mentor.

  19. Rev. Vincent WURANTI & Family

    Our love and our heart go to the family and the entire RCCG membership world wide. Daddy, your life had touched many and your ministry blessed thousands. Your life was an investment for many generations to come. We have heard and seen the fruit of your great sacrifices as vessel in the hand of the Almighty God. The legacy of faithfulness and integrity in Ministry left behind will eternally be cherished. Rest in the bossom of the Lord till we meet to part no more. The memory of the just is blessed. Adieu Daddy.

  20. Bro, Mebele Akajisike Joseph

    To God be the glory for the life well spent of Late Pastor Obanure in the LORD.Is not how long one live but how,where and who he/she live the life with. He has answered the call of his father so shall we one day. I pray that his good work on earth makes way for him in the kingdom in JESUS name Amen.
    My condolences to the family he left behind and I pray for God’s comfort in Jesus name Amen.
    Good night Pastor Obanure till we meet to depart no more .

  21. Aisha

    My Pastor, my father! The one that knew me by name even though I am one of thousands of his children. The one who visited us when we least expected. The one who prayed for us passionately.
    A father indeed!
    A Pastor of Pastors!
    I will always remember you!

    Your daughter,
    Aisha Oduwole

    I humbly place my condolence to the entire family of Pst. Olu Obanure and the RCCG @ Large.
    I am privilege to listen to pastors, misters, workers and even members of the church from far and near say wonderful and incredible things about Pst. Obanure. A father like no other, a Gods admiral, a preacher of Gods word deeply blessed with a gift to manage human resources. You are simply a rare breed.

    The entire RCCG especially Abuja family will miss seriously till meet again at the feet of our lord.

    Rest in Peace Pst. Olu Obanure.

  23. I’m short of word to describe your patience, obedience, diligence, concern to bear other people’s burden, focus, articulate, love among brethren and been an agent if change anywhere you find yourself. On behalf of my family; praying that God Almighty will preserve and sustain all that you left behind to the end. Till resurrection morning. Good night.

  24. Dupe kehinde obanure

    I have tried to understand the concept of death and time, we have to accept and totally depend on what God has designed our earthly time to be . Daddy I celebrate you today like ever before, I will never hear that calm voice blessing me and the children again! Because your work here is completed. Despite the pain that plasterd in my heart, I and your girls will miss you but we have to let GO perhaps you have seen Kenny!
    Au revoir mon pere,au revoir. Dupe kehinde obanure.

  25. Dupe kehinde obanure

    I bless the name of God in you daddy I thank God for the gift of your person and the privilege of being a member of your family through christ and then marriage;you were a general in Jesus indeed. I celebrate you in life and more today because I believebelieve you are looking at us and smiling. We shall miss you but in due course on that Glorious day we shall see. Au revoir mon pere au revoir mon pastor.

  26. Polycarp Gbaja

    It was online all over the world
    Soon as it happened
    I saw it too, very far from home
    No profound explanations
    The privilege and cycle of life..
    You delivered simply
    Hope, faith and love
    Integrity, excellence, power
    To all you met
    I am blessed and privileged
    Since our paths crossed
    That beautiful Sunday morning
    At Abuja Sheraton 24 years ago
    A love note you were
    From The Almighty Father
    To functional people & places
    To a sick, dysfunctional world
    Needing so badly His healing
    Restoration & glory
    Many times we prayed & wept
    In quiet spaces for our people & land
    Then to the brutal fields
    Where light and salt needed
    Application… your words
    Gave your best and all
    Pastor Olu Obanure
    Thank you, sir..
    Thank you, Lord
    For the gift of a precious gem
    Way beyond words
    Good night, here
    Good morning, there…

  27. Hallelujah Hosannah

    Abba Father, By your Grace and Mercy, Kindly uphold the family of Pastor obanure with the MIGHTY RIGHT ARM of your righteousness, Amen Jesus.

    John11vs25, Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the life, He that believeth in me, Though he were dead, yet shall he live.
    Abba Father, by your Grace and Mercy, during the second coming of our Lord Christ Jesus, Pastor Obanure would resurrect and dwell in the Kingdom of God, In Jesus Name, Amen.

  28. Pst owolabi felix Taiwo

    Daddy, your children in Niger Republic which to say good night to you. Your passion for souls in the kingdom of God has made us to understand that this world is not our home. Rest in peace Daddy.

  29. Pst owolabi felix Taiwo

    When a believer die, he goes directly to the bosson of father Abraham. God understands because the death of that believers are not loss but gain. Daddy you are such a loving father we shall all miss you. From all of us. Rccg Jesus house Niger Republic

  30. A/P Bolutayo Bukola Mrs

    For a life well spent with the Lord, Pastor Obanure was a father indeed,I was just a growing youth under him in Central parish, Abuja.
    He was humble, dedicated, enduring and God fearing.
    Adieu Daddy Obanure, you have fought a good fight, you’re finished your course, your crown with stars awaits you in Heaven.
    May the Lord support and strengthen the family that you have left behind and also fill the vacuum that your absence has created in the hearts of your loved ones especially in Abuja.
    Rest in the bossom of the Lord till we meet again.

  31. Sandra

    Irreparable loss to the world but heaven’s massive gain. Daddy, the people’s voice is indeed the voice of God! Nobody has testified negatively. The heavens are really in a joyous mood as they welcome you home. May we all meet you in heaven someday too. Rest on sir!

  32. Pastor Victor Adeyanju

    We bless God for bringing us about five years ago to work directly under your leadership at West coast headquarters – Breakthrough Sanctuary, Accra, Ghana.
    By this working relationship, we discovered that you were so different from many other leaders in terms of your lifestyle, commitment to Kingdom business and interaction with those within and outside the church. Your life gave us a ready meaning to tolerance, peace, patience and hope. We found in you a kind-hearted man of God; given to helping others even to your detriment. Your commitment to God’s work and particularly to West coast vision 2020 is unsurpassed. Many that have responded to this vision so far, came because of their commitment to God’s Kingdom and your positive impact in their lives and ministries.
    The vacuum your departure has created will be difficult to fill but we know that with God all things are possible. The Breakthrough sanctuary family and Ghana generally will miss you. My wife Adebisi, the children and I are missing you. Mummy and children are missing you. We are however consoled that you have fought a good fight, you have kept the faith. Continue to rest in the blossom of your lord till we meet to part no more. Good night Daddy Oluwole Obanure.

    • jobi gboyega

      Daddy Adeyanju. My family and i console with RCCG Ghana and the Church Worldwide.May the God of All Comfort console you all and make us all presentable before Him always in Jesus name

  33. Pastor C.T.Oni

    We your children in RCCG West Coast 3, The Gambia received the news of your sudden passes to glory with a great shock of our lives. It was like a dream and unbelievable to us. We have been looking forward to see you in our forthcoming National Convention this month of May, between 24th to 28th, 2017 to come and bless us. The flyers, posters and banners have been made with your picture and name on them. But we know that God understanding why. Adieu our beloved Pastor, Daddy Olu Obanure. AGO West Coast. Your departure is a great lost to us the brethren in West Coast and RCCG, Worldwide. You will forever lives in our hearts. The memory of the just is blessed. Good night sir. Pastor C.T. Oni. Regional Coordinator, RCCG, West Coast 3.

  34. Adesanmi Tayo Oluwashina

    If only I could turn back the hands of time. ‘Tayo when are you getting married?’ those were your fatherly words to me. We are deeply saddened by this unforeseen circumstances. Your legacy will continue to leave on. Rest on Daddy till we meet to part no more! It is evident that God in His infinite grace will grant the Obanure’s family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss in Jesus name! Tayo Adesanmi

  35. Adesanmi Tayo Oluwashina

    If only I could turn back the hands of time. ‘Tayo when are you getting married?’ those were your fatherly words to me. We are deeply saddened by this unforeseen circumstances. Your legacy will continue to leave on. Rest on Daddy till we meet to part no more! It is evident that God in His infinite grace will grant the Obanure’s family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss in Jesus name!

  36. Pastor Chris O. Chikelue

    In a soft, kindly baritone he would say ” my brother Chris ” to answer my greeting or start a conversation. He was humble and totally committed in all that he set out to do. He was a peacemaker, an encourager per excellence.
    Surely, we shall all miss him and all that he represented.
    Our heartfelt condolence to Daddy G.O. and Mummy G.O. In particular we pray that the Comforter will overshadow his wonderful wife and children in Jesus mighty Name, amen.
    Till we meet again to part no more beloved Daddy and friend. Jesus is Lord.
    Pastor & Pastor( Mrs.) C.O.Chikelue

  37. Prof Steve Metiboba

    Oh, our beloved brother, you have been a beacon of light for many, a Barnabas and a builder in the body of Christ. Good Night!

  38. Fayomi Adebayo

    My dearest brother you have gone so soon. During your life time, you were humility personified. You loved all. You have fulfilled your religious obligations in life. Rest in perfect peace. Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!

  39. Kogi province 4

    Daddy you left us too Soon. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Rest in the Blossom of your Lord.

  40. Ogenyi Emmanuel

    It was a conflict of shock, consternation, anguish, helplessness and submission to the will of the Almighty God when we heard of the demise of our pastor, chairman, father, brother and empathizer.
    We are once again reminded thus: Ready or not, someday it will all come to an end.
    A few came around to thrill, some came around to soothe, while even fewer came around to show the way life ought to be, Pastor Olu Obanure was these and more. It certainly feels awkward referencing Pastor Olu Obanure in the past because hardly will minutes pass by without those whose lives were touched by his pure heart and whose day, he brightened, missing him. Without any iota of doubt, Daddy you scored A1, on all fronts, if ever we are asked to rate your life and time with us. Goodbye!
    Ogenyi Emmanuel (VP NHIS, Abuja)

  41. Remi Abioye

    I wish to thank The Almighty God for the Wonderful Gift to the Entire Body of Christ in the person of late Pastor Olu Obanure. He was a Mentor, a Father, an Encourager, an Undershepherd per excellence, and most of all a True Child of God. He was very loving, very compassionate, very selfless and very gentle.
    My candid prayer is that The Almighty God will grant his gentle soul eternal rest, and comfort the family, friends and The Church of God in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen.
    Adieu, Our Mentor and Pastor.

  42. Pst Mulero Timothy Muyiwa

    I thank you God of glory and Lord of love for a life well spent and lived. Passing into glory of your son Pst Olu Obanure is gainful to him but painful to us but we take solace in Rom 8:28. My dear Pst Olu Obanure keep resting in God, Lord and your savior. One lesson learnt is Life is not in duration but in donation. Thank you for donating your potentials to the Lord and humanity. I pray for strenght for Mummy Bolanle, Tomi & siblings and the Entire RCCG family to drive the pain of your demise away as quick as possible. I believe God has given you immortal and eternal gladness and life, keep resting Dear Pst Obanure
    Your Son in The Lord
    Mulero Timothy Muyiwa

  43. Pst Steve Dele Oluwaniyif

    Daddy Olu Obanure, you were indeed a man of God who never gave up on any soul. Your Godly counsels are still reverberating. You never allowed the double royalty of your birth ( one from my mother’s side) becloud your true pursuit of joint heir with the Lord Jesus. Your true love for people may be responsible for God’s grace that you never forget names of people even years after meeting them. Good night daddy!

  44. Steve Dele Oluwaniyi

    Daddy Olu Obanure, you were indeed a man of God who never gave up on any soul. Your Godly counsels are still reverberating. You never allowed the double royalty of your birth ( one from my mother’s side) becloud your true pursuit of joint heir with the Lord Jesus. Your true love for people may be responsible for God’s grace that you never forget names of people even years after meeting them. Good night daddy!

  45. aAyodele Odunlami

    I am short of words since I heard the news. Dad as I always call u. I will not mourn like I don’t have hope. God who took you to sleep at this time knows best. Dad I will miss u greatly. Sleep on till we meet on the resurrection day in Jesus name. Still look like a dream

  46. Rev. Nicholas D. Chidie

    We bless the name of the Lord for the life of Late Pastor Obanure as we all the staff members of New Hope International school will his frequent hospitality towards us. He was such a diligent, committed, hardworking man of God. Someone who has passion for souls and the work of God. God knows best and the reason He called him home but we pray that the Lord will comfort the family he left behind most especially his wonderful wife mummy Obanure and her children. May Jehovah continue to strengthen them in Jesus name. ‘Rest in Peace till we see in glory in Jesus name.

  47. Charles J Etuk

    I first met Pastor Olu Obanure on Sunday 15th May 1994 , when l attended a Pentecostal Church for the first time upon the insistence of my wife that I must become a born again Christian. I had just turned Forty years old and I walked into this Sheraton hotel main conference hall and I saw this dark,tall and good looking man leading the praise worship. The music was so melodious that I just sat on my seat and immediately got carried away. That was how I started my journey on the path of living right. Pastor obanure will visit me in the house to strengthen me in my resolve to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ. He encouraged me to
    attend the Bible College and also the School of Disciples which I did. I pray that his soul Rest In Peace and God will comfort his family he left behind in Jesus name Amen

  48. Pastor Ojo Babatunde

    We bless the name of the Lord for the life of late Pastor Obanure, a life of humility and devotion to Christ. RIP , Daddy Obanure.

  49. Adebayo Oluwakorede Naomi

    Pastor Olu Obanure. A FRUITFUL GEM. He is a man that affected the live of everyone around him, at every point though we are cousins but got to know the Lord through him and meet my husband in his office there is no how my story can be complete without Pst Obanure I miss you, we missed you but sleep on till we part no more

  50. Mr& Dr. Mrs. KINRIN,PETER mni

    We write this TRIBUTE as your long standing friends at ABU, Zaria and Ilorin in those early years as civil servants in the Ministry of Information Ilorin as young officers in Kwara State Civil Service. We fondly greeted one another cheerfully thus:” okun” Peter, “okun” Bose .Your voice always rang out happily and we were so happy together as we always responded “okun” Olu. Your wonderful parents were like our mother and father. Your were our best man at our wedding in 1979; a role you played wonderfully and happily. You left Kwara Civil Service pretty early joining a bank and eventually became a Pastor of The Redeemed Church of God. We continued our beautiful friendship and were always so happy to catch up with developmens in our families. We mutually have children known as Tomi. We shall never forget the happy moments we shared and your ringing tone and happy mien. You were a great lawn tennis player as you won laurels and trophies and excelled in a game you played beautifully.We commend your lovely wife and children to God’s care as well as the Ministry. We miss you so much but are consoled by your great passion and service to ourLord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Continue to rest in perfect peace until we meet to part no more at Jesus’s feet. Adieu our great brother and friend Bose and Peter Kinrin.

  51. Olajumoke Erin-Oluwa

    What can I say? My big brother from another mother. That was who you were to me. My Brother Olu. From the days you were my House Fellowship leader at Pa McEwen’s house at Ogunlana Drive, to Abuja, to your international ministry, you didn’t change. You and Sister Yemi showed me how to love and follow the Lord in faith and obedience. Your simplicity was exemplary. Ever smiling. No airs, no graces. Your wonderful sense of humour gave a delightful flavour to life. You were loyal and committed. I will miss you terribly but I know you are in my future, and I will see you again in the presence of Jesus. The Lord will keep Sis Yemi and your lovely children, and grant them the grace to carry on your legacy. Amen!

  52. Iyabode Olusola Taiwo

    I bless God for the life of Pastor Obanure, my great great uncle. I had the privilege of meeting him for the first time in Ghana in April, 2016. It was a beautiful reunion time to know that arm of my family. I thank God for his life and the life of those he touched. May God comfort the immediate and extended family. Good night great great uncle until we meet at the feet of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  53. John Akande

    I heard of the affability of Daddy Obanure through my then Zonal Pastor while I was still working in Owerri, I never knew that my path would one day cross his. He passionately served God, gave voraciously and touched my life in not a few ways. His call to glory has obviously left a yawning gap in our lives, we are however consoled that there comes a day when we shall meet again. I pray that the Lord will comfort mummy who I am privileged to know calls you ‘Temi’, your children and all loved ones. Rest in Peace sir.

  54. Pst Steve Oluyombo

    My Pastor is gone.
    My father, my father; Pastor DAVID OLUWOLE OBANURE.
    A Fine Gentleman.
    My first Parish Pastor in RCCG.
    Our Father, Leader, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, Friend and General in the Army of Christ.
    A man of distinction, detribalized, loving and caring man of God.
    A genuine man of God.
    You gave up everything to serve the Lord. You were a message to many of us. You gave us opportunities to express ourselves. You encouraged us to collaborate not compete with one another. You ran your race and remained focused till the end. You sowed seeds of honour into our lives. I am so proud to say that I am one of the fruits of your unblemished ministry in Abuja. You inspired me.
    You led us, taught and fed us, yet you never asked us to pay you or arrange any kind of settlement as todays’ Pastors are raping the fold.
    I remember, you visited us once in our Parish and you came on Okada just to keep an appointment. We know you as a violent Giver, you taught us to give and you didn’t manipulate us in any way to give to you. A true worshipper, a prayer warrior who taught us to pray, led us to pray, not just giving instructions to pray. You were comfortable with the rich and the poor, the learned and unlearned. You condemned no one but you hate the sins of men. You set us up for honor and not to be trapped. The church of God cannot forget you in a hurry especially RCCG ABUJA FAMILY. You raised an army of committed, faithful and loyal Soldiers.
    I am a Pastor today by the grace of God but God used you to prepare and inspire me and many others.
    You paid us a farewell visit in Abuja last Sunday 30th April and we thought as usual you were around to rejoice with one of us, not knowing God set it up for you to say goodbye. We will surely miss your sincere counsel.
    Your only wife and children (Tomi, Busola, Pelumi & Tireni) will surely miss you.
    We call you Father, we call you Daddy because you earned it, you deserved it not because you are a Pastor but because you are a Father indeed.
    Many people are weeping home and abroad but we surrender to the supreme will of God, the all knowing God. We say Thank you Lord for a gift to the world DAVID OLUWOLE OBANURE; Pastor of Pastors.
    We are yet to recover from the news of your departure. Goodnight our Pastor.

    Pastor Steve & Glory Oluyombo
    FCT Province 2, Abuja

  55. Andy Jaja

    My wife and I will forever be grateful to God Almighty for allowing our paths and that of Late Pastor Olu Obanure to meet.
    He discipled me. He joined my wife and I in our Holy Matrimony. I worked under him for 12 years and what I am today and what I know today as a pastor he planted in me. The vigils, the surprise preaching assignments without pre-information and his magnetic grasps of first names at first instance inspired me to be more friendly.
    Thank you daddy Obanure for inspiring me to be what I am today. Our comfort lies on the fact that we shall meet someday at the Feet of the Master.
    Mummy Obanure and the children. May God continue to strengthen you and the children. God loves you all.
    Adiós daddy Olu Obanure.
    Pastors Andy and Margareth Jaja

  56. Deaconess Abolaji Falodun

    I truly fare the well My beloved father Pastor Olu Obanure.✋

    You truly served the Kingdom

    Your impact is immeasurable even years after been under your tutelage.

    Your voice is so distinct, my ears still tingle.

    I am shocked and speechless.

    In my heart I still believe that I will be woken up from this dream.
    But I know that goodnight always proceeds goodmorning.

    So I say goodnight Sir till the resurrection morning.
    And your legacy lives on

  57. Oludare B. Tola

    It was like a dream to me when i heard the news of your demise but our God is unquestionable. Daddy you”ve gone to be with your maker but your memory I can’t forget, you are indeed a father, a true pastor, a dedicated child of God definitely I’ ll miss you, keep resting in the bossom of your maker till we meet to path no more. May the Lord grant mummy and the children the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss

  58. Kolawole Oluwaseyi

    Thank God for Pastor Obanure. Over the years, have only been watching a far only on the altar. I had an opportunity of meeting with him one on one once during a program in Abuja, Nigeria. You are a leader with exceptional characters.Very humble and simple man of God to relate with. I know you are resting with Jesus. May the Lord comfort the family and the church. Rest on…… until we meet at the gate of heaven.

  59. Pst & Pst Mrs John Imoudu

    Daddy Obanure as we fondly call you.

    After coming to terms with your transition, I celebrate your life and times. You were a Pastor in deed. From the first day I introduced my wife to be then, you always will ask of her by calling her first name. This trait is the same with so many brethren. You were thorough in follow up and you provoked us to do same.

    The simplicity of the life you live is so endearing. Always having a word of encouragement for all you meet. You made serving God a pleasure because you led from the front. In all the liftings you have experienced in life and ministry, you kept in touch with your root.

    We will miss you but we take solace that you are in a better place. We are convince that Mummy Yemi Obanure and the children will enjoy in undeniable terms the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

    Daddy Obanure! Goodbye! Till we meet at Jesus’ feet.

  60. Segun olusakin

    Pst & Pst (Mrs) Segun Olusakin
    When I received the news of your sudden departure to glory I shed tears like a child. My encounter with you in Abuja was remarkable and the last time we met in March during the special Holy Ghost service you were asking me about the mission field and care so much about our welfare.
    I want to say we will miss you greatly. You came and you conquered! Daddy Obanure, you finished strong! You impacted your generation!
    Indeed your life was not a waste but a blessing.
    Sleep on our beloved Daddy. Good night?

  61. Felicia Omatsola

    Precious loving gentle mentor ever smiling caring comforting trusting encourager has listening ears very sympathetic. How can THANK GOD ENOUGH for thi beautiful gift to my family , having served RCCG as his humble assistants . We are grieved but grateful . He is a true image of GOD , good seed of G.O. our Coach. He calls me by my name. I learnt service with smiles ALLELIUA FOR THE COMFORTER will comfort all especially mummy and the children in JESUS NAME AMEN


    Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Femi Olorunfemi

  63. Pastors Gabriel & Henrietta Osadebamwen Joshua

    Daddy Obanure, my Father, my Father! My heart skiped when I heard about your passing on to glory. We thank God for His message and consolation that you are with him in glory. You are an epitome of humility. My wife and I are forever grateful for your unflinching love, kindness, encouragement, and understanding during our courtship days. You stood by us even when our parents said no. Thank you for being there always. You did encourage us in then Abuja drama unit to give our best and serve God with all that we have. You taught us to give when it is convenient and when it is not. You are an unrepentant giver anyday and anytime. That we are Pastors today in RCCG is God and your training, mentoring and coaching. We still boost of the training you and mummy gave to us your children in Abuja. How can we forget the 12 and later 24 hours Praise, the fasting, the vigils and your words of encouragement to us when things seem to be the other way. We love you but God loves you more. You never forget names. The only pastor that have been able to call me by my native name. We love you but God loves you more. I know the good Lord will console, keep and protect mummy and the wonderful children you left behind. Su re bami! We will definitely meet to part no more.

  64. Pastors Gabriel & Henrietta Osadebamwen Joshua, Kogi province 4.

    My Father, My Father! Daddy Obanure, My heart skiped when I heard of your passing on to glory. It was like a dream that Tuesday night when the phone call came in. I was patiently waiting for someone to call again and inform me that the news was false and that you had come back to life. Our trip to camp the next day was with hope that I would receive a more correct report than that of Tuesday night. My heart kept beating in wait, alas the news was true! My father, my coach and mentor is gone to be with the Lord. I kept asking and search God for consolation, until he spoke the evening of Thursday that you were with him in glory, then my peace came back! You are an epitome of humility, a rare gem, pastor of pastors, a leader, coach, mentor, a father to all who came across you and one sold out for Christ and his work. My wife and I are forever grateful for your unflinching love, kindness, encouragement, and understanding during our courtship days. You stood by us throughout those turbulent years, you believed in us and our vision even when friends and our parents did not. Thank you for being there always. You did encourage us in then Abuja drama unit to give our best and serve God with all that we have. You taught us to give when it is convenient and when it is not. You are an unrepentant giver anyday and anytime! That we are Pastors today in RCCG is God and your training, mentoring and coaching. We still boost of the training you and mummy gave to us your children in Abuja. How can we forget the 12 and later 24 hours Praise, the fasting, the vigils and your words of encouragement to us when things seem to be the other way, your visit during our reharsals to pray for us. We love you but God loves you more. I know the good Lord will console, keep and protect mummy and the wonderful children you left behind. Su re bami! We will definitely meet to part no more.

  65. Archibong Bose

    It still look like dream… It’s a reality. Daddy Olu Obanure sleep on. The Lord God will soothe pain and comfort us all in Jesus Mighty name. Amen. Mum, it is well.

  66. A/P Aliyu Sarah

    A/P Aliyu ,well who can question God,just like today when l entered your office in the camp,u saw my tribals marks,n what came out of your mouth is this is my sister and daughter,since then l have been enjoying your sweet fatherly teaching and guidance,always laughing and smiling no matter how hot the matter.Dad l will miss you ,rest in peace till we meet in heaven.sweet rest.

  67. Pastor and A/P Mrs. Adeyanju

    My great father, mentor, discipler, trainer, coach, role model champion of champions and a hero of all time is gone!
    My first contact person in RCCG in March 1993 in Abuja.
    You taught me humility, respect, gratitude, selflessness and obedience even in difficult moments.
    You shaped my life, gave me a focus, gave me an identity, build faith and confidence in me, made me minister and also gave me a platform to serve my maker.
    You spent, you spend, still spending until you were totally spent and poured out as a precious offerings and fragrance unto the most high.
    A teacher of teachers, pastor of pastors, apolitical, detribalized, objective, single eyed, achiever, goal getter, indefatigable.
    A prayer warrior, an intercessor, a great lover of Christ, a builder of men, an encourager and a man of great empathy.
    You have ran the race, you have finished your course. But the impacts you created in places and in our lives remain indelible in the sands of times and in our hearts forever.
    I believe that several thousand Men of like passions as you are shall arise in RCCG, because the Bible said until a seed dies and buried, it abides alone. But when it is planted, it produces much more fruits.
    Your demise is painful, saddening and shocking. But since God has allowed it in such a time as this that the mission and the people of God need you most, we have no choice other than to take solace in God who is in charge of our lives.
    Good night my great Daddy.

  68. Effiong Udoka

    I have been in this deep sleep for too long, waiting for someone to wake me up and tell me that it is a mere dream.

    I am lost of words.

    Nevertheless, sleep on oh Man of God with unparalleled humility and desire to serve God and humanity.

    Till that day when we shall meet again at the foot of Christ to part no more.

    Good night

  69. Aiyenigba Olalekan

    The realization that you have transited to glory is still difficult for me to comprehend but in the end the name of the Lord is glorified because in all things we give thanks for the life you lived. Till we meet to part no more, continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu.

  70. Ayankoya olamide

    Daddy Obanure, u av been a loving father to me, an encourager, a kindhearted person to me…..I really find it hard to believe u are no more in our midst. U were always concerned about our well being, daddy I will miss u so much. My consolation is in d fact that u av gone to be with d Lord, rest on in the bosom of our Lord till we meet to part no more in Jesus

  71. Pastors Kola & Kehinde Abawonse

    Pastor Olu Obanure was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit, and very strong in faith. A seasoned and well respected man of God who’s faith worked by love. Through his ministry in the early 90s, the word of God and the Redeemed Christian Church of God grew in the City of Abuja and its environs.
    His tenacity, never giving up spirit made me a member and Pastor in the RCCG today.
    Pastor Olu Obanure was more than a Pastor to me, he was a father, mentor, Encourager, friend and much more. In several ways, his christian walk is reflective of God in the Bible, such as Father Abraham, Apostle Paul, King David, Elijah the Prophet, John the Beloved, and Moses the Liberator. His Christlike example of faith and love remains very evident in his willingness and obedience to accept God’s directives for him in several areas which time not permit to mention here.
    Pastor Olu Obanure, my first Parish Pastor, my first Area Pastor, my first State Pastor in the RCCG was an incurable giver. He gave up his career as a Banker to pursue his love for Jesus. He gave all he had when RCCG Central Parish was being built. He taught us to give through his own example. He taught us to pray and fast by organizing what was then known as contact three, contact seven and contact ten i. e. praying for three hours, seven hours and ten hours respectively non stop.
    Pastor Obanure, you were a special gift to the body of Christ. You were a blessing to me and my family. You departed this sinful world so suddenly, and I am still living in denial. Your departure is still like a dream. If I were to think of death concerning anyone, it would never have been you. Just recently, early in this year, you rescued me from an embarrassing situation I found myself in financially which I did not have the opportunity to repay before your sudden departure. My eyes are still wet with tears even as I write this tribute. I can imagine hoe devastated my gentle, loving, caring and beloved Mummy Yemi, your darling wife has been after your sudden departure. May God comfort her in a way only Him can, and give her, Tomi, Busola, Pelumi and Tireni, the fortitude to bear this great loss.

    Good night my father, mentor, Pastor and friend. Rest on till we meet at the feet of Jesus.

  72. Pastor ILESANMI Johnson Akindele

    You are a great Man of God with a True Shepherd heart, a father, mentor,teacher,husband with a humble and gentle Spirit, the spirit of humility and simplicity is uncommon among your comtemplary. I blessed the day l know you Daddy Obanure, a good tree don’t last in the Forest. For me and my family we shall eternally grateful for your leadership role model and fatherly care in our lives. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen. On behalf of my family and the church Pastor and Pastor Mrs ILESANMI JOHNSON RCCG Ghana province 2 Kumasi.

  73. Joyce Martins

    Hmmmm, Daddy Obanure, you came and you did what God assigned you to do, you accomplished your mission Sir.
    Rest eternally with God your father in heaven.
    May God be with mummy and the children. Adieu God’s general !

  74. Collins

    Rest on man with great God. I know you have run a race worthy of emulation as a leader. I Sure that God will guard all you left behind.

  75. Dcns. Jaji, Olabisi Bolanle

    The sudden departure of our dear daddy in the Lord, Pst. Olu Obanure was really shocking & painful. The man I nick- named, ‘ the Moses of our time’ out of recognition of his, calmness, humility, capacity to love, readiness to show understanding to the plight of others, while still being firm in enforcing the required discipline to accomplish a task is no more.
    Late Pastor Obanure provided a soft landing pad to those of us who were members of Rccg that reported at the central parish, following the mass movement of civil servants to Abuja in 1997; he exuded so much confidence in us & quickly integrated us into the system in the Church, he never cast away any advice that will make the Church grow; he engendered love & unity amongst us that created that bond that is enduring till today, despite our different locations as at now. Our consolation is that, you came, you saw & you conquered, doing the will of your master, and for this we are assured that you are currently resting in peace. On behalf of my family & self, we extend our heartfelt condolence to mummy Obanure, the children, the entire Obanure family, daddy & mummy G.O & our dear Abuja family, particularly during the period of his service there. The enduring foundation he built & legacies he left still speak volumes till today. We pray that the Almighty God will console us all, & release His love to heal the hurt of his wife & children. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

  76. Matthew Oye Arikanki

    I was introduced to pastor Olu Obanure by a class mate Akua who work with former Intercontinental bank. Pastor Obanure asked me to get a house for him in Accra. After inspecting few houses he decided on the one at Regimanuel Estate, Spintex Road. To my surprise, he called me and paid me commission, hence the beginning of a friendship with him. Pastor Obanure knows my wife and names of my children and he used to buy gifts for them. He used to buy provisions for my family. I never saw him getting angry. His message were simple spiced with humor. Pastor Obanure said something one day that I took to heart. He said “raising teenagers is like fighting with lions”. I started using that instruction to train my children before they become teenagers. It was when I relocated to New York that I realized the import of his saying when I now see that most parents here decided not to raise their children in the way of the Lord, but they allowed the teenagers to raise themselves.
    Pastor, you have fought a good fight of faith, you now laid your sword at the feet of Jesus. Rest on our amiable pastor.

  77. ALETAN Olumide

    Pastor of pastors,the teacher,a good worshipper and a man of God who gave all to get best out of his followers.Abuja family will miss your ever smiling face and good work.RIP Pastor Olu Obanute

  78. Pastor & Pastor, Mrs.Okelola S.M

    Pastor Obanure, your journey in this world was impactful, you affects your generation positively, you left a good and permanent foot print in the lives of individuals, families, congregations towns and countries where the Lord have used you. Indeed, trees like yours does not last in the the forest.
    Sleep well and sleep on in the bosom of your Lord. Good night sir.
    We shall meet where there is no sun, for Jesus is the light there.
    Good night sir.

  79. pastor yinka osanaiye

    pst olu obanure is a father and full of grace ,no doubt an example of a saint ,lead on we shall meet at the feet of jesus where we shall part no more

  80. Bethel Place

    Rest in Perfect Peace sir. May the almighty God bless your works and comfort the family you left behind


    My daddy and pastor finished well, thou it came as a shocked but with gratitude to God Almighty I received it, God has a reason for everything,no one can question his Authority, we will forever miss you daddy but we have the hope will meet again at Jesus feet to part no more, rest on God general daddy olu obanure, we love you but God love you most.

  82. raphael

    daddy we missed you, your good words, your words encouragement. GOD knows everything. may your rest in peace.

  83. Shola Idowu Obanure

    Hmmmm Daddy,am yet to overcome the fact that you are gone,melo ni mofe so nipa yin daddy?from day 1 I got married to Obanure’s family,you received me like your own daughter,i remember the last time you some things to us during the last special Holy Ghost service because I could not make then,you sent your brother to us,even when I called to thank you,what you said was” Shola,what is the size of your shoe”baba oninu rere,you taught me so many,one of which is forgiveness,no matter how grievous the offense might be because of heaven,i give Glory to Almighty God for the opportunity He gave me to be your sister in-law,your daughter in Christ Jesus, Sleep on daddy,Oreoluwa and Tunmise will miss you greatly

  84. Gregory Nzekwu

    Dear Daddy Olu Obanure,
    You were more than a Mentor to me, you found me out even when I wanted to hide myself in the congregation; you pulled me into Ministry, encouraged me and remained open to me in all aspects of Ministry. However its so hard for me believe that April 30, 2017 was the last time we would see you and share moments together. Your role in our lives was indeed the one and only. You showed us how to be open and extremely committed to God in every facet of Ministry. You shared your privacy with us, spent nights with us in vigils so that God can prove Himself in Abuja. You led us through the rudiments of ministry with complete humility and never received any merchandised the Gospel as it is done today. You indeed proved to us that service to God requires the complete unfolding of oneself into God’s plan. We found in you anytime and anywhere true worship, true prayer and true word that could touch a hardened heart. You showed us the love that can not be found today and built us into a family of love in Central Parish and through the parishes came out of it. You were indeed a father that raised an army of faithful, committed, loyal and devoted soldiers who counted everything as nothing except service to God.
    Daddy I miss you even more because we found in you an example of who can be a Pastor and who has love for God. Your role in our life as your children will linger for a very long time. When the children heard the news of the Lord calling you home, they stopped all they were doing in their different countries and are yet to recover for you spent your life making people to have identity with God from whatever height they had attained in life. You provided me with a guide to openness in leadership and never looked back when it comes to speaking of things exactly the way they were.
    What a way to say “good bye” without saying it. I cried for days, not knowing how to live. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and couldn’t do anything. We were so close and God do I miss him everyday. You taught us so many things including never to give up even when the challenges are so glaring and hurting. You showed us how to be spent for God and never look for any earthly reward. Your role as a mentor was outstanding.

    We love you and we miss you but the Lord loves you more. May the Lord watch over the home you have left behind.

    Pastor Greg & Mrs. Binta Nzekwu & family
    Nasarawa Province 2, Keffi

  85. Olugbenga Ogunsanlu

    Daddy was an extraordinary being. I didn’t have much contact with him other than the day he asked me to take him around for some specific assignment he had to run. The way he asked for my assistant reflected the character of Jesus. In fact, he was one personality we will not forget in a hurry. I haven’t met anyone who speaks ill of Daddy.
    We shall meet in heaven to part no more.Good Night Daddy Olu Obanure

  86. Kunuyi O. Samson (A/P)

    Didun didun ni iranti Olododo. Your life and death left behind indelible lessons. Hummmmn. What a great privilege to serve under your leadership.
    Ghana mission will never forget your legacy and style of leadership that has brought Ghana mission thus far. ” we stoop to conquer “. Through humility you indeed conquered. What others couldn’t achieve for over 30years of the existence of Ghana mission , God helped you to achieve it. Oh glory be to God in highest.
    Words is not enough to express your immense contribution to forestall peace and unity in Ghana mission.
    Adieu Daddy.
    God bless RCCG GHANA MISSION (Provinces 1&2)
    God bless RCCG WEST COAST(1,2&3)
    God bless RCCG WORLD WIDE

  87. Glory be to God for the wonderful life you lived . We were privileged to have worked directly under you when you were transferred to West Coast and throughout the period, 2010 to 2013 @ Breakthrough Sanctuary, there was no argument or misunderstanding for a moment. We became even more closer to you when we were transferred to Achimota Zone . You visited us on 23th of April which happened to be your last Sunday Service in West Coast . Very unusual things happen but we did not take note . It has become a reality that we have to cope with for the rest of our lives especially myself and my wife , which you used to call Sister Remi . Very certain that you have gone to rest after a very successful life full of love and humility. The Husband of the widow and Father of fatherless will take good care of our beloved Mummy and the children IJN . We shall meet again at the feet of Christ to continue the dance we could not finish on 23th of April IJN

  88. Samuel Sunday Jegede

    On behalf of the Redeemed Christian of God Germany . I wish to express my deepest condolence for the passing unto glory of our father, brother, uncle . Pastor and partner in the Kingdom’s business. Pastor Olu Obanure ,the Assistant General Overseer and Pastor- in – charge of RCCG . ( West Coast).
    This is a really sad and great loss indeed to the entire RCCG family.
    My last encounter with Pastor Obanure was in December 2016, in the Camp. In 2013 he visited us in Hamburg where we had a glorious service together at Abundant Grace after which we travelled down to Kiel.
    I will remember him as a pleasant man with a great sense of humility which made him kept rank with people of all ages. I will also miss his unique greeting style ‘E pele Pastor’.
    Our love, thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this difficult moment.

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to comfort the entire RCCG family, the family of the deceased and grant the Christian body the fortitude to bear this sad loss.

    May his soul find rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen
    Sun re o
    Pastor Samuel Sunday Jegede
    Pastor- in -Charge of Mission
    RCCG Germany

  89. Pst. (Mrs.) Atinuke Talabi

    Pastor Obanure, you have left this world, but you will not leave our hearts. As you are with our senior brother and Saviour, continue to interceed for us to meet one day to reign with you for eternity. Thanks for have been there for me. I know you will be well rewarded. Till we meet again. For your family, may the Lord continue to uphold and strenghten them especially at this time. All the brethren from Dominion House – San Pedro, Cote d’Ivoire extend their condolences to the family that the Lord will always be there for them.

  90. Pastor Olu Obanure led an exemplary lifestyle as an icon and a colossus of unquestionable character. He was a committed, dedicated and a selfless servant-leader. Of a truth, Pastor Obanure was a friend to all, going by his last words to me before his final home call to glory.

    I can personally say that Pastor Obanure would stop at nothing in bringing out the best in those around him. He was a leader per excellence, a leader with vision, purpose and direction.
    While working with him, I discovered so many virtues, distinctive qualities and Godly attributes that stood him out as a servant-leader. He had a good and friendly working relationship with his superiors and likewise his subordinates.

    Pastor Obanure was a gallant soldier of Christ and he fought till his last breath. He was a dogged achiever. He was a strong and resilient steward with an undying passion for excellent performance in doing the King’s business.

    Also worthy of emulation is his good sense of humor, humility, meekness; he was kind-hearted, caring, accommodating, magnanimous, tolerant and generous.
    I pray that his gentle soul rest in peace.

    Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Timothy Olaniyan
    RCCG Kaduna Province 2,

  91. Chinazam

    Sir, I didn’t know u much but from what I have gathered u were a true soldier, rest in the bossom of the Lord pastor, u have fought a good fight, Rip daddy.

  92. Pastor Orijajogun J.O.

    The News of your death was a great shock and indeed a big lesson for everyone of us that are still on this side of eternity, especially the leaders, it’s clear that we are here today tomorrow we are gone, what shall we be remembered for? The entire Church both young and old, male and female, laity and clergy alike are all mourning the departure of a good man, may the lesson that come with your departure mend lives and prepare us to meet the Lord. Rest on Daddy till we meet again

    Orijajogun J.O. – RCCG, Strong Tower, Canada.

  93. Pastor G. & A/P U. Aimufua

    Daddy Olu Obanure, your exit shocked my world! You left a positive mark in my life that has affected my family life. Every last Tuesday of the month will always be remembered for the worship of our King. Your wonderful and encouraging words of “we shall celebrate your success brother” on my study echo in my ears. Interestingly, you departed before I could finish the study. Our beloved savior in His infinite wisdom decided to take you into His very presence. All I can say now is farewell! Sleep well till we meet on the resurrection morning. We pray God almighty for peace, strength and comfort for the entire family of RCCG you left behind. It is well! Pst Gilbert & A/P Uduak Aimufua

  94. Asabe Precious Umar

    Daddy Obanure you encouraged me to be a worker in RCCG, how about fasting and prayering ,you assembled men of integrity, like Pastor Charles Achunwo, Rev. Moses Arinsola, PST. Emmanuel Kure and alot more in those in Central Parish and North 5 in general to give us a solid foundation as beginners in the faith and future leaders in the vain yard of God. What about the act of giving without lookng back it was you. Your love was without bias, you were always there for us no matter how tied you were. Daddy who will speak to me in Hausa when we meet at REDEMPTION CAMP asking after my friends and sister that you met only once yet you will always remember there names. Daddy you were a man of many parts, a mentor, motivator, a teacher, a caregiver, a worshiper, a chorister, a seasoned administrator, an encourager, a missionary, a prayer warrior and a pastor of pastors. What else can we say, you have completed your work but left us with a big vacuum that only Jehovah can fill and a lesson that we most be prepared. For Mummy YEMI and the children the Almighty God will give you the fortitude to bear the transition of our beloved Daddy.
    Daddy Obanure Sai munzo, Ubangiji mu ya raka ka Amen. It is well,we will surely miss you.

  95. Pst Olaniyan Joshua.A.Tosin

    Beloved daddy. You came to this world and conquered it. Rest in perfect peace in Jesus name till we meet where there is no night.
    Good night daddy !
    Pst & Pst (Mrs) Olaniyan Joshua.A.Tosin.
    Pastor in charge of Province
    For RCCG Abia 3 Umuahia

  96. Pastor Paul Akalamudo

    Pastor Paul Akalamudo.
    Daddy Olu Obanure, was a legend for Christ, a Unified Leader, a faithful servant, his mission on earth was accomplished. It was well finished and death lost its power over him to Jesus Christ and have inherited heaven. He have fought a good fight of faith, he kept his faith and have finished his course. He was qualified for heaven, he has join Jesus Christ to welcome us, if only you can make it to heaven. Life in itself is timeless, use your time well and use it with all urgency. Jesus said beold, l come quickly. Daddy Olu Obanure will be remembered as Unifier of Ghana Mission.

  97. Peter O. Adeyemi

    We missed a man, father, pastor with a good heart, see you again at the bosom of the Lord. Peter & Taiwo Adeyemi

  98. Tunmise Obanure

    It’s still a rude shock to me,daddy,you are too good to go now,but who are we to question God?my consolation rest on 1Thessalonians 4:13-18.keep resting my wonderful daddy

  99. Pst and Pst. ( mrs) Ade Aruwaji

    Good night daddy Olu Obanure, you lived a purposeful life affecting both young and old. You showed loved to all with humility and hate to see tears in the eyes of anyone. We felt the pain but we are joyful that it pleased God to call you in active service. Good night until we meet at the feet of our lord.

  100. Hon. Taiye obanure

    My loving brother , your untimely exist is a challenge not easy to deal with,the blow was hard,shocking,devastating&,has created a vacuum that may take D family years 2 fill , it has thrown us into untold agony, tears,pains&gloom. Your sudden departure which we never dream of that your death was so near but only the affectionate can feel the pain without parting farewell to us ,you were a Man of exemplary character&a finesse of a gentleman, a visionary wise,matured in treating people & situations in a delicate way .You died in in the cause of active duty.
    The finality &inevitability of death gives me strength to face this blow. I cannot imaging losing you,to hear your voice, see you smile,sit&talk with you a while, to be together in same old way would be my dearest wish today but this long memories can never die ,but my solace is that you died serving the Lord in his sanctuary.
    Days&weeks go by,memory is kept for the one I love. I can never forget you , Adieu My loving brother, friend & father Till we meet to part no more at the feet of our Lord Jesus.

  101. Ayodele Victor Ayepeku

    Daddy Olu Obanure, your death is yet another pointer to the fact that it is not how far but how well.
    Your duration may seem short to us but your donation to humanity is beyond words.
    I believe that you are now with your father whom you served passionately on this side.
    You laid down your sword as a victorious general to take your crowns as a winner.

    Good night Sir.

  102. A/P Esther Okougha

    Daddy Obanure
    May your soul rest in Perfect peace in Jesus name. You received me into the RCCG Central Parish Abuja family when I was really down. You taught me the way of The Lord. Sleep well till we meet at the feet of Jesus. You have ran the race and you have finished well.

  103. Fatokun Benjamin G.

    Daddy as affectionate called you when you are here on earth. You have left behind a great vacuum in our heart and we shall forever keep in our memories for the good work done in Ghana. My dear father, mentor and role model still like u travel, yet to believe you die. We shall rejoice together one day when we meet at Jesus feet. Good night till we meet in the morning. RCCG SHEKINAH GLORY ASSEMBLY HO, GHANA MISS YOU DADDY and we say good night. Daddy Obanure ( King with good heart) you died with your good heart. O digba o di owuro katun to rira. Sun re oooo. Rest in Peace, (Hede nyuie)

  104. Timothy Akinnagbe

    Good night to a worthy soldier and a victorious general of the Lords army. Your testimonies speak of your excellent service . I pray that God will strengthen your wife and children and bless them in deed in Jesus Name.

  105. Deacon John Dara

    Deacon John Dara
    I met Pastor Obanure in the mid-80s when he was the Kwara State Liason Officer in Lagos. He was a humble and dedicated public servant, forthright and always eager to help. We hit it off immediately, we discovered that we shared an uncommon passion for the Kingdom of God and for Nigeria, thus started our life-long friendship. I was delightfully surprised and honoured in 2010 when he spoke about me in glowing terms to our father, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. This gave my then shortlived Presidential bid a big boost as Daddy G. O. generously gave his support and mobilized others to do likewise. The death of President Yar’adua and consequential emergence of President Jonathan as incumbent President swung the Church support to Jonathan. Pastor Obanure stuck with me, encouraging, counselling and motivating as always. He insists that the future belongs to God and what he saw concerning me would still come to pass. Now he is gone ahead of us to join the saints triumphant.

    Pastor Obanure was a man of towering physical presence, but more importantly, he was a spiritual giant. He was a gentleman, a comforter and counsellor, an encourager and motivator, eager to help and willing to sacrifice for the good of others. My condolence to his dear wife, Sister Yemi, the entire Obanure family, and our father, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. May the Lord comfort and strengthen us all. Pastor Olu Obanure will greatly missed.

  106. Pastor Kayode John

    The Times of life can be brief, but what the life has to offer is of great essence, Pastor Olu Obanure lives and affected many lives, he was a light that illuminated many live , a corner stone that many lives on. We all will miss this man of God full of kindness, humility and many Godly virtues. Gone too soon.

  107. Adesugba A. Olarewaju

    Pastor Olu Obanure will forever be remembered in the hearts of people. He has trodden on a good soil and are footprints are evident in the lives of youths nationally and internationally. Sleep well daddy, i will be glad to see you at the lords coming.

  108. Adesugba A. Olarewaju

    Pastor Olu Obanure will forever be remembered in the hearts of people. He has trodden on a good soil and are footprints are evident in the lives of youths nationally and internationally. Sleep well daddy.

  109. UJU

    My daddy, my daddy , my daddy..who will i call by that my name again? My Gentle giant, Boss, Mentor, Confidant, Pastor and Father. I miss you, will always miss you and all we shared. I can write an epistle but you will not be here to read and edit as usual. You came, saw and conquered . You are my hero. You lived a life of service to God. Rest in peace Daddy Obanure

  110. Mr and Mrs AJIRIRELOJA

    Daddy Obanure, On earth you built for Christ,as Christ army ,you have fought a good battle. You and your foot soldiers laid good foundations
    For RCCG Abuja Family and today the legacies you left behind are speaking for you. I know you have gone to live in the mansion already prepared for you because you have built for God. That’s
    Why you were referred to as a builder in your days in Abuja. Your humility and the softness of your words revealed the gentleness of the holy spirit in you.You were a real man of God. In 1999 you dedicated our first son at RCCG central Parish Abuja. Those prayers you prayed manifested in our son’s life and entire family. We say bye bye till we meet at the feet of our lord Jesus Christ.

  111. Kenny-Onasanya Adeyinka Oluremi

    You died in active service to our Lord and Saviour,sleep on till we meet in heaven.
    Goodnight Daddy Olu Obanure.

  112. Oluwanifemi Obanure

    I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I haven’t witnessed pains on this pedestal before now! Whatever the case, we must learn how to thank God. Continue to Rest on Daddy.

  113. Olowonawu Ariyo

    Boda Olu my uncle my teacher and benefactor I still can not come to term with the fact that you are gone so soon . I still can not find the right words to quantify this lose to us the Olowonawus but we find solace in the fact that you have gone to rest in His blossom . Rest on man of God till we meet to part no more . This vacuum lord who will fill it.

  114. Toluwase Obanure

    Pastor Olu Obanure is in a better place,although we have lost an inspirational member of OBANURE family, God works in mysterious ways. We should also use this moment to remember late Kehinde Obanure, and keep them in our prayers. Togetherness is absolutely needed, and through that we should revere the priceless moments we all enjoyed with Pastor Olu.
    At the end of the day, we all have a final destination and Pastor Olu happened to get to his destination rather too soon. In this light, the old cliché resurfaces; what exactly is life? This is because when you look at it from every point of view whatsoever, we are all just passers-by. Rest In Peace my wonderful Daddy, you will be sorely missed.

  115. Aniyikaye Adebayo Samuel

    In all of my encounter with senior Pastors in the RCCG, I have never met a man as humble as this departed one despite the office he occupied. Very humane and completely unassuming. A thorough bred preacher of the gospel. You will be greatly missed here sir.

  116. Olufemi Ayandokun

    He has gone to his reward and eternal rest ahead of us who are alive and remain. He was a man of deep insight, uncommon wisdom and stable steps. He was not one
    to promise what he cannot deliver. He was not one to demand gratification. He clearly was not in Ministry for Feasting. He knew his place and stayed there doing his bit. Not one to kill an ant with a sledgehammer!! Adieu the gentle giant!!!

  117. Pastor Dr. Mrs Cecilia Gbemisola Obisakin

    “Daddy Obanure” As we fondly call you in my family, lt is still hard to accept the reality of your sudden departure from all of us your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in the Lord! “Baba Oba ninu ire – the father that is king in well- doing!
    You are simply indescribable and unforgettable! You have left a vacuum that only heavens can fill! “Sunre O- sleep well” in the bosom of your Lord whom you love so much and served indefatigably. Till we meet at His feet. We thank God for your life and we are proud of you daddy! We miss you! But we are consoled by the well acclaimed facts that you came, you worked, you fought the good fight of faith and you conquered! It is written -“… Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his! Aurevoir papa! Gloire a dieu.
    Pastor Dr. Mrs. Cecilia Gbemisola Obisakin.

  118. Pastor Dr. Mrs. Cecilia G. Obisakin

    Tribute to Pastor Olu Obanure
    “Daddy Obanure” As we fondly call you in my family, lt is still hard to accept the reality of your sudden departure from all of us your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in the Lord! “Baba Oba ninu ire – the father that is king in well- doing!
    You are simply indescribable and unforgettable! You have left a vacuum that only heavens can fill! “Sunre O- sleep well” in the bosom of your Lord whom you love so much and served indefatigably. Till we meet at His feet. We thank God for your life and we are proud of you daddy! We miss you! But we are consoled by the well acclaimed facts that you came, you worked, you fought the good fight of faith and you conquered! It is written -“… Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his! Aurevoir papa! Gloire a dieu.

  119. Adunola Obanure

    Difficult to accept, yet very true. Difficult to understand, yet very real, the fact that you are gone. Memories are what we hold firm to us. They come to mind time and again, reminding of your good deeds, your care and concern towards us.
    I will never forget you. May your gentle soul rest in peace Daddy.

    All RCCG, indeed, Christendom missing you!
    You were Father of fathers,
    Pastor of Pastors!
    I had wished it were a dream!
    All in denial?
    But it was confirmed that indeed you had been recalled home.
    How do we avoid anger, bargaining and depression to accept?
    On your shoulders, many could cry in Abuja
    Even while you served in Abeokuta
    While you pastored on VI , Accra, etc..
    You set aside your personal comfort,
    helped in the village of my mother-in-laws,
    You asked after my wife by name
    You called all our children by name
    Even long after they had grown and are married
    Where is that Father spirit?
    Where is that very senior State or Provincial Pastor
    Who will follow you in the sherute public bus in Tel-Aviv in 1999?
    To do what?
    To evangelize, to follow up
    Where is He who will join you in 78 days of fasting?
    So that you stand and your ministry would grow?
    You gave your: time, love, car, money to grow the church of Christ!
    Until you gave it all. Still serving…
    Yes, still standing, still helping…
    And you helped to the end
    Mummy and family, The Lord be with you.
    Orphaned of dad at age 15,
    I can understand more.
    It will be well
    Indeed, stately trees hardly last long in the Forest
    Heavens raptured You!
    You are at peace, now
    David Oluwole Obanure
    Requescat in Pax!
    Lawrence Olufemi Obisakin
    Ambassador/ Pastor

  121. Lillian Conno

    knowing that you are with God gives me Joy, I have not met with you one on one, although we’v seen in(New hope International school. The good testimonies about you tells that you are in a better place, free of the wickedness of this world. May you rest in the bosom of the Almighty till we meet to part no more. We all missed you.

  122. Olafimihan

    It was shocking to hear the news of the passing on of our beloved Pastor Olu Obanure. He was a tireless soldier who sacrificed so much for the kingdom. I had the closest encounter with him during my ordination as a Deacon in 2014, he lay his hands on me. He will be greatly missed. Adieu God’s General

  123. Mrs. Rebecca Lawal

    Here is a testimony from a leader of a powerful occult group in Nigeria:
    Pastor Olu Obanure had led a prominent member of the Cult to Christ Jesus. The leader of the Abuja chapter of the cult was sent to confront and deal with him. By the time he got to the Church office at Mambolo Street, Wuse Zone 2 Abuja, he was shown Pastor’s car just leaving the premises, so he decided to chase him because he had a mission for him. After chasing him for a short distance, the driver of the car reported that he was seeing a ball of flame instead of the pastor’s car. As he continued in pursuit, the flames instead of going ahead of him started reversing towards him. At this point, his master who was in the car with him decided to abandon the chase. That was the level of Pastor Obanure’s anointing.
    We can only thank God for giving us this rare GEM and for the impacting memories of our association with this His humble and selfless saint who was always there for ALL regardless of age, class or status.
    Farewell BABA!!! May your soul rest in perfect peace.
    A/P Mrs.Rebecca Lawal.



  125. Kolawole Ruth

    Daddy ,Rest on till we meet again, you affected our lives,when we’re under you as a missionary, especially our kids ,God will take care of your family, God ‘s General live on

  126. Ategbe Hope

    Daddy, the privilege to have known you via New Hope International School (NHIS), Abuja is one that will always be dear to me. You were our chairman but never carried an air around you each time you came by. You were humility and gentility personified. You had an elating smile. Your prayers, magnanimity and words of encouragement to me can never be forgotten. It hurts to come to terms with the fact that you will not visit us at NHIS again. But my consolation is that you fought the good fight of faith to the end. I pray The Comforter comforts mummy, your children and all your loved ones. Adieus Daddy Oluwole Obanure.

  127. Adebayo Shola (Chemistry)

    Tribute to Pastor Oluwole Obanure.
    A Glimpse To The Life Eternal
    The news of your Glorious exit came to us as a ‘’Thunder Storm’’ Pastor Oluwole David Obanure. You are a committed fearless Christian preacher who lived a life of hopeful trust in Christ through the power of the holy spirit.
    We take solace in the word of the Lord , Revelation 1;18 “ fear not I am the first and the last the living one, I died and behold I am alive for evermore and I have the keys of death and Hades “
    Beloved Daddy ,your pet project New Hope International Schools will continue from where you stopped. In moulding lives and touching destinies of people .
    Adieu ! Baba gha !!

  128. Ap. Festus & Dcns. Bunmi Adelakun

    Daddy, we met you at Central Parish, Abuja. You were an epitome of humility. We thank God for using you to give us those wonderful training & inspiring word of God. May the Lord be with Mummy and the children. Rest on in the bosom of the Lord, goodnight Daddy.

  129. Bright-Oridami M. A

    I do not know you beyond what I saw whenever I was in Camp anytime there is a national programme and the way your very sonorous voice prays and do whatever assignment you were given. This endeared you to my heart and brought an instant love for you. You will continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord your God forever in Jesus name. Live on in the glory and mercy of the Almighty until that day.


    Daddy Olu Obanure, may your soul rest in peace. May God in His infinite mercy console and comfort the Church and the family you left behind.

  131. Lanre lawal

    Daddy, your impact to the soul winning will open way for you in internal rest, may your soul continued to rest in peace in Jesus mighty name, Amen

  132. Bright and Alice Ojini

    We thank God for the life pastor Obanure lived.He affected every life he came in contact with in such a positive way.I remembered with nostalgia back then in 2008 in abuja at Green pastures province 3 headquarters,when I introduced my son to him with excitement about the faithfulness of God.A man of prayer.He is greatly missed.Our prayer is that God will continue to encourage mummy,the children and the family he left behind.

  133. Pastor Ogungbuyi Emmanuel

    You came you saw and you conquered. You spent your last Friday on earth praying for us in our Province (Kaduna Province 1) and for the first time in my life I had a prayer session like never before. Daddy your assignments is believed to have been completed, And that is why all intervention to stop you from going failed, not because God has stop raising the dead but simply wants you at the other side. May your soul rest in perfect peace, As an Okun man that i am, a Nigerian and especially a privileged pastor in Rccg. Your life testimonies inspired me. May the Lord comfort his church.Amen

  134. Agada Solomon Adakole

    It a shock & surprise when the news of daddy came. I never believed it because it was just 3 days after he came to kaduna to bless us. Daddy you are truly a man of God. now I know you are in heaven singing hallelujah. May God give your family the grace to bear your demise.

  135. Femi Medupin

    May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Sir. And I pray God grants the family the fortitude to bear the loss, Amen.


    A sad event mixed with joy, the joy that you are with the Lord is keeping us going. I can never forget the first day I met you in your office then at Breakthrough Sanctuary in Accra. You welcomed me, listened to me and told me plans are on to enlarge the coast of the mission in Ghana, in just few more years, Parishes have sprung up and that makes me remember your word.
    Your monthly proclamations and blessings on every last Tue during the worship Liberation Hour service have left indelible marks in my life and others, today we worshiped God the way you would have done with us. A month ago you were with us, today you sing with the Angels.
    Rest on Daddy. The Lord God will take charge of all your left behind.

  137. Abimbola Komolafe

    It is with a heavy but grateful heart that I write this tribute. Pastor Olu Obanure played many roles in my life (Pastor, Father, Mentor, Friend, etc.). The impact he had in the life of my family is beyond words. He is one of the major instruments God has used in guiding me to where I am today.

    As I meditate on the aspects of our relationship to share, I have decided to shed light on the ways in which Pastor Olu Obanure challenged and taught me on life and purpose (as a man) but more so, in my calling (as a pastor).

    A love for the trenches of pastoral ministry:
    He always reminded me that a pastor is to love even the messy and painful grunt work of ministry. Which he would then go on to describe as part of our great commission as pastors…To shepherd the people and show them the love of Christ. Pastor Olu Obanure unwavered in the way he ministered. He always seemed to have just the right word/scripture for every situation. He taught me that faithfulness in the trenches is what makes our public ministry the most fruitful.

    A contagious love for God’s people:
    What I miss the most, was daddy’s ability to relate with someone like myself as though we were age mates or colleagues in ministry. He would always greet me with a big smile on his face, which would then lead to several humourous conversations. He had such a unique but genuine love for people, that caused even the most troubled soul to be comforted. And I tell you, I was no exception! He taught me that when all the smoke clears, ministry is about people. The pastor is to the people. Just as the Shepherd is to the flock.

    A love for his family:
    He taught me never to joke with my family. He taught me never to neglect in showing them love; giving them my time, teaching them the ways of God, living a life that they can imitate (practically demonstrating to them how to put God first-especially in times of hardship).

    Final Remarks:
    Thank you for being a father, mentor and a friend amongst many things, to my family and I. Thank you for being honest and so true to God’s Word. Your life and ministry has impacted and changed me. You were a destiny helper. You have left a lasting legacy. You were a great inspiration to many of us.
    We are confident that God, who is the Father to the fatherless and the Judge and Defender of widows will keep mummy and the children.
    Though you have exited from here, you have entered triumphantly into God’s heavenly kingdom. I will surely miss you daddy. Keep resting in the Lord, till we meet to part no more, at the feet of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Your Son, Abimbola Komolafe & Family.

  138. Tribute on behalf of the Church

    Every time you came into Manchester, you always made time to see us. When you walked into the premises of the church, you filled the entire atmosphere with your warm, loving and selfless personality. You never acted unruly to anyone; though you were a man of high caliber in the Christian faith, everyone was something and no one was nothing. Not known for many words, you spoke volumes in many goodly works. A simple man but potent in administration. We praise God for a servant true and right; a model to follow, a warrior and also a champion. Your legacy lives on even in death. You became a father to many…how numerous your children are. Your impact to the world is un-measurable. Some are gone and memories soon forgotten, but this one will be hard to forget in a hurry. We are confident that you will be known as you walk the gardens of heaven, meeting and greeting the patriarchs and saints who have gone ahead of us. Till we meet again, rest in the bosom of the Lord daddy.

    Your Children, Jubilee Church Manchester RCCG.

  139. Olanrewaju Disu

    To us, (the Disu family) if tears could build a stairway and thoughts a memory lane, we’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it. And only God knows why you were placed at that point at that time. Our hearts are still active in sadness and secret tears still flow. What it means to lose you, no one can never know. Since you’ll never be forgotten, we pledge to you today, a hallowed place within our hearts. God knows why, and what now seems so strange and dim, will all be clear, when we meet Him.

    Dad, a good shepherd that took time to know the names of virtually all his sheep by their names. A wonderful man of great humility, a complete gentleman to the core who cannot hurt a fly. You can never see any sign of anger but the usual smiling face!

    I cannot forget that beautiful morning when you put a call through to me from Ghana asking me “sister Lanre, what exactly do you want God to do for you?” The question took me by surprise and i did tell you. God Almighty through you, did that which only Him can do – Glory, honour and adaoration unto His Holy name.

    Secondly, dad, what about your prompt response to my request in 2015? Again through your intercessory prayers, God Almighty gave me victory without a fight. May His name alone be praised.

    Thirdly, I will always cherish your trip from Ghana to Lagos in May 2015 when you made a surprise attendance at my son’s wedding.
    We (the Disu family) sympathise with my sister, Mrs. Yemi Obanure and the entire Obanure family. Our grief and indeed consolation can be expressed in Dayo Dedeke’s song :
    Gbogbo wa la nise laiye yi.
    Kamura si’se t’Oluwa fi fun wa
    Igbala aiye o d’owo wa,
    Dakun f’esu si ile o etc.
    We all have a mission in this life
    Let us do our best in our God given mission
    Saving the world is our responsibility
    Please forsake the devil etc

    Goodnight dad, sleep on till resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.

  140. Our dear friend and Pastor Oluwole Obanure, we love you and we will miss you. You have always been a great friend and a great example of humility. We will always treasure our friendship and when we sing your favourite songs, you will always be in our hearts. We remember your wife at this time that God will be with her to provide and to protect.

    Your friend Pastor John Watson and whole the Vinesong team

  141. Pst. Toyin Tejumade

    I was already a member of RCCG in Lagos before that my first Sunday Service at Central Parish, Abuja several years ago. You preached a sermon on the topic ‘That I may Know Him’. It was impactful and life-changing for me. I bought the video cartridge​ and shared with my brother in Lagos then. Yours was a life of service, exemplary leadership and testimony written through the lives of many. Though your exit is painful, but it is the way to go – in active service of the King of Kings. May God comfort our mummy and sustain those of us still running the race to make heaven.

  142. Yetunde Akin-Taylor

    Straight from the miry clay,my friend Jumoke brought me to you.
    You listened to me with rapt attention& conducted my 1st deliverance session.
    You encouraged me so much so, that i never had the thought to ever look back.
    The foundation ,the solid foundation, yes, you were a part of it.
    You have gone to rest,
    after a haaarrrrdddd day’s work,
    when it’s our turn to rest,
    may we be reunited with you,
    &together with the angels,
    We’ll sing HALLELUYAH AMEN.

  143. Adebisi Paul K

    To a man of God indeed. You have gone, but it is as if you are still around the memory of a just man is sweet. Daddy even thought you have gone your works lives on, a mark that is difficult to erase or equal you have set because you voluntarily sold yourself out for your God. When will the world produce a leader and pastor like you again? So beautiful is your spirit that you see everyone around as brothers and sisters. A leader so humble, meek and sacrificial to a fault. Daddy we will miss you but we shall console ourselves with the truth that one day we shall reconvene again at the feet of Jesus. Rest on your works are the testimony we shall live on with.

  144. To God be the glory. Your word says in everything we should give thanks. For us it’s very painful when the news came to us. Pastor Olu Obanure a good teacher, preacher, who can sacrifice his comfort for the pleasure of others, humble, patience, a good listener, always smiling and very accommodating with good memory to remember everyone that come across him. You have seen, fought and the devil and work triumphantly over recession, trials and sins. May the Lord filled the vacuum you left behind in the family, church and society at large. May the Lord comfort and adequate succour to your lovely wife and children.

  145. Pastor & Mrs Seyi & Oby Malomo, Statehouse Chaplain,

    From Pastor & Mrs Seyi & Oby Malomo,
    Statehouse Chaplain,
    Aso Rock Villa Chapel

    “My first formal meeting with Ps Olu Obanure was in 2010, when he was posted to Ghana to head the West African Coast Region of the The Redeemed Christian Church of God where I had been serving with my wife as missionaries.

    Prior to my meeting him, I placed a call to His Excellency, Prof Yemi Osinbajo (Acting President, Federal Republic of Nigeria), then our Provincial Pastor from Lagos, Nigeria.
    that Pastor Olu Obanure has been appointed as the Head of West Coast. He responded by saying: “that that was a great news for Ghana mission because, Pastor Olu Obanure is one of the very best and exceptional Pastors of The Redeemed Christian Church of God he had known”. He particularly noted the unique quality of having a listening ear.

    After that information, I carefully observed Ps Olu Obanure over the years I served with him before my current position. Well, I can say without any shadow doubt that that statment was not exaggerated at all. If you were 50 people presenting your opinions before Daddy Olu Obanure (as we fondly call him), he will listen to all you, and would take the opinion best suitable irrespective of the social status of who offered it. This was the true secret of the choice of Venue of the ‘Let the Wind Blow’ 2011 One-Day Crusade of Daddy G.O. Pastor E.A. Adeboye, General Overseer Of RCCG World-wide’.

    Many of the Senior Pastors profered their opinion that the venue should be a reasonably sized auditorium because in the 25 years of the church’s (RCCG) existence in Ghana, she had not been able to hold an event to attract attendance beyond 3,500. But a young minister advised that the Stadium (with capacity of 20,000 to 40,000) would be a better choice. Pastor Obanure took that advice and the Crusade witnessed an attendance that amazed the whole of RCCG family.

    He equally had unique quality of remembering all the names of your family members when you meet him once.

    Such is the greatness of this gem that has gone too soon. May he reign in the bosom of our Lord! Good Night Pastor Olu Obanure. Until we meet in the Kingdom of Heaven. We cherish your legacy!

  146. Alana Temitope Ojo

    A true gentleman in every sense, you pass on as a complete and a true ambassador of Christ who followed the Bible to the latter. Rest in peace sir.

  147. Dr. & Mrs. Stephen & Ruth Olorunfemi

    What tribute can one write than to read what the life of Pastor Olu Obanure has written in precious metal? His entire life was a tribute of dedication in the Lord’s army.
    Pastor Obanure (whom some even refer to as the “gentle giant”), was a giant not just in physical stature but more importantly in quantum of service to the Lord Jesus, his Commander in Chief. He was most affable and had a knack for connecting easily with people.
    As we grieve with our beloved sister, Yemi and their dear children – Tomi, Busola, Pelumi and Tireni – let us do so in hope. For although he is gone from us in time, he lives on in eternity. One day, when our labour is done, we shall laugh together once again.
    Pastor Obanure’s life is truly worthy of emulation, for He died as he lived: in service to God and humanity.
    Rest on, Olu. Till we meet to part no more.
    Dr. & Mrs. Stephen & Ruth Olorunfemi

  148. Kunle Oye-Igbemo

    He ministered at an interdenominational vigil at TBS a few years ago, representing the General Overseer of the RCCG. He did it with strength, grace and joy. May God grant his soul a peaceful rest and his family, the fortitude and grace to bear his departure and live better than he did, may we all meet to part no more at Jesus feet on the resurrection morning in Jesus name, amen

  149. Gabriel Happiness

    pastor olu obanure was an easy going and ever smiling personality with a contagious smile that i love so much. He was a lover of God,a passionate preacher of the Gospel of Christ and a wonderful singer. I had only enjoyed a little of his lovely and goodly presence before he passed on to glory too soon. I will miss you dearly. Rest in the Lord’s Bossom.

  150. Laide Temowo

    Dear Daddy,

    Everyone that heard the unfortunate incident was shocked to the marrow, nobody ever thought this could happen when it did, but we take solace in the word of God knowing that you have gone to rest and we shall all reunite on the ressurection morning by His Grace. Daddy, you have fought a good fight, you have showed many of us (your children here in Ghana Mission) the example of humble, simple and godly leadership. We will sure keep the flag flying for Jesus.
    Rest In the Bossom of our Lord.
    Adieu till we meet again.

    ‘Laide Temowo

  151. Chief& Dr Dennis Otsemobor

    Tribute to Pastor Oluwole Obanure
    When one of his in laws told me “one of God’s Generals just went home”, he did not cross my mind because he was such a vibrant and rather youthful Pastor. I was shocked when his name was mentioned…such is the life of a man. The Dennis Otsemobor Family commiserate with you all. We greet his wife Yemi and the children; his in-laws especially the entire Olowodola family and the Church of God .May Pastor Olu’s noble soul rest in peace. Amen.

  152. Sola & David Borha

    Pastor Olu Obanure was kind and gentle , always willing to help and give wise counsel. He will be greatly missed. We thank GOD for his life and legacy of love, kindness and commitment to the Kingdom of GOD. To live is CHRIST to die is again.

  153. Tolutope Olorunfemi

    I’ve sat countless times before a blank page on my computer screen, trying to put words together to express at least a bit of what’s in my heart at this time. It’s truly beyond me but I need to put something down nonetheless. Bear with me as I write in the first person to Uncle Olu, my Auntie’s “Temi”.
    Your life is a living, breathing testament to the reality of “Christ in you”. Till today, I still remember the two evangelism-oriented songs you taught us as little children on the night of our first encounter with your large heart!
    I enjoy the rare privilege of addressing you as “Uncle Olu”, often to the chagrin and consternation of your brethren! I’m also uniquely privileged to be close enough to have observed your life in and out of the glare of public scrutiny. You are truly a model of integrity: solid within and without. I’ve learnt so much from the way you love and relate with “My Auntie” Yemi; your children Tomi, Busola, Pelumi and Tireni; and your family, natural and ecclesiastical. It’s amazing how you never seem to forget a name or the route to the home of every member of your ever-increasing congregation! Your mode of worship, prayer and study of the Word have always been a great inspiration. You epitomize the virtues of love, loyalty, faith, self-sacrifice and self-discipline.
    Your humility, candor and highly refined sense of humour are just a few of your trademark qualities that endear you to my heart!
    You’ve modeled true Christian ministry for countless numbers of men and women across the world: from Nigeria to Israel, from Ethiopia to Cote d’Ivoire, from UK to Ghana.
    Thank you for living the love. Thank you for walking the talk. Thank you for showing the way and for going the way.
    You’ve left an indelible imprint on my life and I still fight losing battles to hold back the tears…
    I know you live on, just in closer proximity to the Jesus you loved and served so well!

  154. Nosa and Paulette Ukponmwan

    Daddy Olu Obanure,
    The Lord’s General,
    Our relationship started in early 1993 when you and your dear wife mummy Yemi Obanure visited us at home at the dam then. The effort to make the visit and warmth and love you both exhibited was to characterize the relationship between our families over the years. You shared our griefs, pains and joys in a very personal way. You were wholly selfless I can hardly remember anything you were not willing to share or let go. You lived a Christian life of sacrifice and service to the Lord and to mankind. You were gifted in you ability to empathize with people. You related with the high and mighty, the low and forlorn young and old, with the same genuineness of spirit to endear you to all. The grace God upon your life established the foundations of the church here in Abuja. You followed up on all with the same selfless spirit to ensure their growth in the Lord.
    Your leadership skills were always seeking out hidden strengths in the lives of all who came your way. You were ever challenging all to abilities none thought capable of in their service to the Lord. The genuiness of your person made all willing followers of new frontiers you desired to go for the Master.
    When that evening I got the call as to what had happened I was in shock moreso because we spoke on Sunday you were your ebullient self relating with all. We are comforted with the fact that we know you are resting with the Lord.
    Our prayers are with Mummy Yemi, Tomi, Busola, Pelumi and Tireni.
    Nosa, Paulette and the family
    FCT 6 Gwagwalada

  155. Olokode James

    Sir, Sleep and rest well in the Lord for now. Though i only saw you afar off but fully bless and seriously encourage, through the comments and words of testimonies from someone whose life/career you gloriously impacted while on earth. Despite not knowing him from anywhere. Sir, till that day when we will rejoice with the Lord Jesus, Rest in peace.

  156. Adeu Daddy Obanure
    Your exit from this world was and still shocking.
    We love you but Jesus love you more.
    On the 7th of April ,I woke up with a burden to sow a seed of appreciation to you for what you did in my life and family 8 years ago. And I did immediately.
    Here was your response in quote on the 7th of April 2017.

    “”” Thank you very much Goke. May the Lord multiply the seed you have sown and multiply the fruit of your righteousness in Jesus name.We are very grateful.””””

    I never knew that we will not see again and that was a gift to receive last blessing from you Daddy.
    I am glad I did, forever you remain in our heart and history will note what you have done especially in bringing RCCG into the nation of Turkey in year 2009. May God reward the family you left behind with the blessings of your good work in Jesus name.

    We will surely miss you.

    Till we meet at the feet of Jesus where we shall part no more.

    Goke & Monisola Ajayi

  157. We blessed God for the invaluable life of Late Pastor Obanure to humanity. We pray that the God of all comforts will always be there for the lovely family , relatives and all that are connected .

  158. A/P Otitoju Shola

    We give God the glory for a live well spent, your life was an inspiration to us. You brought light to your community through the gospel the first RCCG Parish Amaizing grace . You have gone to be with the Lord but the legacy you left behind will remain and i know that you are wearing the crown of glory which the Lord Jesus himself shall wear you. Sleep on Daddy till we meet to part no more.

  159. Sunday Higemeh

    We love you in this big family called RCCG. Your presence and contribution will be greatly missed by all. May your gentle soul rest perfectly in the bossom of the Lord.
    Good night brother.

  160. Daddy Obanure was a father, a very rear one. A listener Humble and gentle. Easy to speak with, very understanding, caring and loving.
    Will miss you greatly. See you in Heaven.

  161. Bro Bernard

    we will miss your great input as a commander of soldiers in the RCCG West Africa Region. Rest in peace.

  162. Pastor &pastor Mrs Olubode Olutunda

    A wonderful soldier of Christ. He touched our lives, spiritually, morally and financially. To God be the Glory for a life well spent.

  163. This is so sudden but who are we to question God.
    Death is a debt we all owe but we believe as believers that its a transition to eternal glory and that is why we don’t have to mourn over a Christian’s transition to glory.
    We take solace in this that you are resting in the bossom of our Lord Jesus.
    Rest on beloved M.O.G till we meet to part no more in glory.

  164. Bartholomew Akintade

    We take solace in the truth that Pastor Olu Obanure died in the Lord, which mean by the grace of God we will meet again in heaven. Rest in perfect peace and may the Almighty God stand by the widow and children and the rest of your family in Jesus name.

  165. Owolona

    I am one of the reasons you gave so much to the Lord. My life changed for the better under you, daddy Obanure. I was praying and listening to hear about your coming back to life, but I am convinced and consoled that all has worked together for your good. Being a worker under you at Central Parish Abuja, defined the rest of my Christian Journey. It was such a grounded foundation we received from you, and it has stood the test of time so far and will continue to do so in Jesus Name. I have always followed your teaching afterwards and even went straight to listen to your message, the very night I got the news. You are a rare son of God, and your legacy in our lives will live on and shall be passed on. Thank you so much for giving so much to the Lord, I am the reason you gave. My love to mommy, Pelunmi and the rest of the family. God Bless the family in every way in Jesus name! Amen!

  166. Abimbola Nicole Olayiwola

    Even though death is certain, but in my child-like mind, I’d thought every genuine child of God never dies… but really, they don’t!
    They’ve shared part of themselves into the lives of others through selfless love and sacrifices, just as Jesus gave up his life for us.
    Your legacy and the way you exemplify Christ is your gift to me. I will, in turn, serve God and humanity with this gift,
    Such that when my time also comes, I will not die but live on in the life of others to the glory of God.
    Good night daddy, we shall fellowship again on the resurrection morning by the grace of God in Jesus Christ

  167. Ezekiel Ajayi

    Pastor Obanure, was a gentle father, teacher and a pillar to the whole RCCG, his simplicity and humbleness was a kind and i love whenever he teaches the Bible or preaches. I love his intelligence and understanding of the Bible interpretations, it’s takes me deeply and broaden my knowledge of the scriptures. When i heard about his demise on facebook throught my pastors wall all the way from the United states, i cried and for some few minutes i could not concentrate but just kept looking at his pictures and remembering all his teachings.
    You came and fought the good fight of fight, you conquered, and finished well and strong. May the Lord accept all your good works and remain in His bosom till we meet again.
    Good night daddy Obanure , sleep on peacefully.

  168. Francis Onuegbu

    Daddy Obanure,
    *To your wife, you were the best husband any woman could be blessed with
    *To your children, you were a loving father and a daily pointer to the love of God
    *To your extended family, you were a role model and a standard
    *To the sinner, you were Christ personified in humility and love
    *To fellow Pastors in your rank, you were a trusted, dependable & reliable confidant
    *To my household, you were indeed a mentor, encourager & a godly father whom we related with without any protocol whatsoever
    *To the church, you were an epitome of kingdom conscious heart which evidently reflected in your daily dealings and relationship with fellow humans
    *In the words of our General Overseer, you were a perfect kingdom partner in Ministry for 40years within which you worked tirelessly and he had no reason to correct or scold you
    In your last 48hours before your exit to glory, as my family knelt before you with your hands on our heads, you poured out your heart to God on our behalf in prayers. Little did we know that we were being singled out by God to receive the final fatherly blessing from you.
    Now you have gone ahead of us all. YOU ARE HEAVEN’S GAIN
    Dad, we do not mourn you like people without hope, because we know we will see you again
    The only pain comes from the fact that your exit has created a great vacuum and we miss you so much
    Rest on great Patriarch and Soldier
    Your footprints and legacy live on
    We will not deviate from them!
    Adieu Daddy Obanure.

    Francis & Tope Onuegbu

  169. Pastor David O. Samuel

    Dear Pastor Olu Obanure, we appreciate your work in the kingdom of God on earth all over the world where you served in the secular and in the ministry.
    I remembered when you came to Sierra Leone in 2011 along with our Father in the Lord Daddy G. O and Mummy.
    You were detailed to Intervene in an issue in the country. We were encouraged the way the Lord used you to settled the cases.
    We are very sure that soon we shall meet in the presence of the Lord where we part no more but stayed together for ever.
    The Lord will console and comfort the family and the church of God IJMN Amen.

  170. A/Pastor Esther U. Ibeto

    Abba Father, Take Glory Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Ghost. Amen.
    Phil 1:20-21

  171. Pastor Ellis Fagbami

    We thank God for the life and ministry of Pastor Olu Obanure. We were priviledged to welcome him to our Parish about a year ago, where he helped baptize many people.
    We pray that the Lord will comfort his family, and may his memory live on.

  172. Pastor Moses Gbenu

    It was with a great shock I received the news of Pastor Olu Obanures sudden departure. It means it is possible for any of us to go suddenly, any time, without any warning.
    Two years ago when we met last, he gave me his card, took some of my books and said I must call him and visit his parish any time I am in Ghana. I thought I would do that soon. But Pastor Obanure has relocated to his permanent Parish where he has been promoted from being a pastor to being a member of a billion-member choir.
    My prayer is that all of us would join that Choir when the Bishop of our souls says, “Time up!”
    I pray for the wife and children that the Lord God will give you the comfort that only the Holy Spirit can give.

  173. Gbenga Raji

    May you rest in the bosom of the Lord. The Lord will keep and uphold your family in Jesus Name.
    He was such a man of great humility.

  174. Olopade Adekunle

    To God be the Glory for a life godly spent. You have done your beat sir, may the Lord preserve your family. Love you but the Lord loves you the more. Thanks.


    I was privileged to meet this soft spoken man of God when he came to minister and encourage us at LP27 Provincial Hqtr’s and as I drove him to National Hqtr’s in Ebutte-Meta, he spoke and counselled with the aura and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ!
    No wonder he had also learned from the best coach the Almighty God had bestowed to mankind…Daddy G.O.
    Many who did not meet you will not know what blessings you carry! What we can do is to thank the Lord for being a faithful disciple of His.
    Continue to rest in the bosom of ABBA FATHER!!!

  176. Arowolo Rachael Oluyemisi

    Daddy, rest in peace till we meet to part no more. May the Lord console our mum and we biological and spiritual relatives you left in Jesus’ name.

  177. Olusegun J Oyetunde SOJ

    My heart bled hearing about his demise from this world of shame n sin…
    Pastor Olu Obanure was the man of God who thought me how to study the scripture and quote several scriptures without opening the bible.

    He was a dynamic n spirit filled servant of God obedient unto death…

    Repose en paix Pastor

  178. Kenneth Onyegbula

    Pastor Obanure,
    For me your departure from this sinful world is for good. God has a reason for this and only him knows that. Our pains is we cannot not see you as usual but definitely shall see one day by His grace. You don’t know me but i know you as a father and as a schepard who knows his sheep by name. Since i met in at Ghana, my life has really transform for good. My the Lord who takes you grant your family to bear the lost. Rest in peace.

  179. Mike Chidi Augustine

    Our prayers goes to the family. The LORD is their consolation, and remains their comforter in Jesus’ name. May we who are still on this journey finish well and strong in Jesus’ name. We say to the OBANURE’S family, IT IS WELL!

  180. Pastor & Pastor Mrs. S. A. Adeloye

    We want to celebrate the life of Pastor Olu Obanure who departed from here suddenly catching all of us greatly unawares. Such a gentle, easy going child and man of God you were, who found it not easy to hurt a fly. Passionate for the work of the Master, a good hearted human being. A husband and father indeed at home, with smiles that can be contagious. How we will miss you dear Pastor Olu Obanure because even now the whole thing is still like we are in a dream. We are comforted that you have gone to be with the Lord. Keep resting dear KIngdom General.

  181. I joined RCCG in ABUJA 2005 and the name Pastor Obanure was like the founder of RCCG in Abuja. I desired to meet him one day and shake his hands, but unfortunately my younger sister – Ifeoma – was dying at the Maitama Hospital in Abuja and all the way from Ghana in 2010 only him was the Member or Minister (or relation) that joined me and my family in that dark hour of my sisters sickness and death. The next year he invited my wife and I to his house in the Redemption CAMP to take a bite of his birthday cake.
    He was not just my Pastor, Mentor, and friend , because there is no brother as close as he was. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace of our Jesus Christ Amen.

  182. Prince Akozor

    Pastor Olu Obanure was indeed a great man of God. He was humble, fatherly and had a listening ear. He was the perfect example of a true Pastor. We will miss him greatly but give thanks to God for the life he lived. It is my prayer that God will uphold the family he has left behind.

  183. Pastor Paul & Dcns Nene Ogbu

    To God be the Glory for a life well spent. Daddy, my own daddy. Pastor of Pastors. I know that you are for sure in the best place where all the soldiers of Christ are destined to be. My family was with you on Sunday night and on Monday morning, before the incident on Tuesday. I have been asking God to help me get the message and one thing I know that is teaching me is to be a focused pastor like you were my daddy, not giving to the mundane thing of the world but served God in spirit and in truth. All that you taught me about marriage I have been doing and continue to do. By Gods grace daddy we will meet at Jesus feet and our Joy will be full . Adieu Daddy.

  184. Adegbite I.A

    It was sometimes in 2004 when I was at University of Agriculture Abeokuta that I first had face to face encounter with you Daddy Obanure. I remembered that beautiful morning as our Grand Patron and guest minister for that Sunday service, you shared with us how you always empty your family purse to give to the work of God. That made you to forfeit your signatory to the family account.

    You shared with us how you always give to the work of God even at the expense of your family and how God had been faithful to you and your family as a result. Since that day I had became an admirer of your person and always follow you a far and reflex on your personality and commitment to the work of God. We were supposed to do you a ‘thankful sir’ for visiting and blessing us spiritually that day and as the leaders of fellowship we were not sure of what we could afford. Surprisingly to us you donated giant standing fans to us and blessed us financially without taking a penny from us,I still remembered. Since then I always remembered this heart of generosity and a kind of giver you were.
    Adieu Daddy Pastor Olu Obanure. You are a blessing to me and this generation of mine.
    Good night!

  185. Pst Udema michael oluwabunmi

    Our dearest Daddy, May your soul rest in peace in the bosson of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    You a great man of God.

  186. Grace Abel- Ehigiator

    we thank the Lord God Almighty for your life and times while you were here on earth, yours was a life worthy of emulation. How can I ever forget how you and mummy encouraged us ( my husband and I ) during our years of waiting. You were unassuming, a true soldier of God. our consolation is in the fact that you slept in the Jesus Christ!. Good night sir, see you on resurrection morning.

  187. Daddy, You left suddenly and the joy we have is that you made it to heaven. You are a perfect gentleman with the fear of God. Always conscious of making a good relationship with everybody. We all missed you. God will grant us the grace to meet in heaven

  188. We bless the Lord for the life of this kind,caring and heavenly focused man of God.We have always rejoiced when we heard of his progress in the Ministry at various periods.We give glory to the Lord that he ran the Christian race to a successful end.We know and believe that his family will be well-taken care of because the children of the righteous shall not suffer or lack.We commiserate with his family and our friends the Olowodolas and theOlorufemis at this time.The Lord will comfort you all on every sides


    A father, a good listener and a great man of God. We love you but Jesus love more. Rest in peace.

  190. folashade

    we are not morning but rejoicing knowing well that you finished well daddy, may we meet in eternity where we won’t part anymore… your work is speaking at your absent and you cannot be forgotten…wish other pastors learn for on you.

    Farewell daddy

  191. Dr Ololade

    thank you for being who you are I remember clearly the prayer walk you had with the teenagers in Lagos province one where as a provincial pastor you offered to assist us in getting water for the teenagers….that taught me humility….you are a great man. May God grant Mummy the strength to bear such irreparable loss.
    sleep on Daddy

  192. Glory be to God Almighty who knoweth the end even before the creation of the world. Only you know the reason why you chose this time to call Your own home. May You, Oh Lord, grant the family he left behind and the entirety of RCCG family the heart to bear this great loss. Rest on Daddy

  193. Sola Olowodola

    == The news of your death came as a cfgn5rude shock ! I still can’t believe that you have gone away from this side of eternity. I wish you just surface from that travel.But alas you have gone to a greater beyond,a better place where there shall be no more weeping, no more mourning or pain,a place prepared for you to rest from all your labor.
    “Man who’s born of woman is of few days and full of trouble “- Job 14:1 ” Look away from him that he may rest,till like a hired man he finishes his day”- Job 14:6
    Brother you have fought a good fight, you have finished your course, you have kept the faith: henceforth,there is laid up for you a crown of righteousness which the Lord shall give you.

    This Yoruba song says:
    Mofe ki ndabi Jesu
    Ninu iwa pele
    Ko se ni to gboro ibinu
    Lenu re lekan ri

    This song truly typifies you. You were indeed a prototype of Jesus !
    Sleep on brother in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, till the resurrection day,when we shall meet to part no more.
    You will surely be missed ! Good night brother !

  194. Mrs Chidinma Ekwunife

    The news of your sudden death remains a huge shock to all of us , especially as we learnt of your visit to New Hope Int’l school a day before.
    Although i never got to know you in person but the testimony of many lives you touched continues to bear witness for you.
    As Christians we cannot ask God questions , I pray God to give your loved ones the fortitude to bear this loss.
    Continue to rest in the Lord Pastor Obanure, where there in no sorrows or pains.


    My Tribute to God’s Giant
    Pastor David Oluwole Koroworaola Obanure, an epitome of a Godly character personified. I write this tribute to the memory of great brother in-law, a friend and co-laborer in the vineyard of the Lord. Your plowing of the vineyard was exceptional and unique in nature. You have done your part and become a cloud of witness to us to run our race like you did with all the strength God gave us. I will miss your Godly counsel a lot! Like you always say to me, “hard work doesn’t kill, but laziness does”. You will always be remembered for your generosity and kindness of heart. I am grateful for your love for me and your desire to see me excel in my walk with God and man. Thanks for believing in me. You were a great example of a Servant of God. REST IN PEACE AND GOOD NIGHT!
    Rev. Emmanuel T. Olowodola SR

  196. SAMUEL BB

    The joy of the Lord upon your life is contagious.
    The wisdom at work in the pursuit of the kingdom mandate is unique.
    The grace of God upon your life to identify talents, attract them and position them rightly is uncommon.
    A man totally devoted to seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
    A lover of peace, an emblem of peace and a promoter of peace yet without compromising the truth.
    You left a glorious challenge for the upcoming generation.
    Rest in peace till we meet at the feet of Christ.

  197. Samuel O. Akeredolu

    A God’s General has gone to rest. Daddy, your good work is speaking for you, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  198. Babatunde Samuel

    A Soldier is some one who endure all hard times to get the desire result. That describe you pastor, now your rewards await you, Weldon for a fight well fought. sleep on dear

  199. Lanre Iroche (on behalf of the Iroche siblings, spouses and children)

    Pastor Olu was a member of our family, there is no other way to put it, and we are poorer for his passing. Yet we are grateful for who he was and what he represented to us: a source of strength, wisdom and constant encouragement. A man who was easy to look up to and to place your confidence in. Ours is by no means the greatest loss, so we cannot imagine the sense of loss experienced by those for whom his presence was a constant. It is at moments such as these that we look to our all-knowing and all-seeing God for comfort, and lean on our memories of the one who has gone to be with Him. Pastor Olu remains a man worthy of emulation, an excellent example of Godly manliness even in death. We question not because we have none, but because we trust in the One who knows both end and beginning, and who remains faithful through it all. We will never forget Pastor Olu or the role he played in the telling of our history, but we celebrate the knowledge that one day we will all be together again. We say in death what we did not say enough in life: “Thank you sir.” We appreciate all you have been to and for us. Sleep well until we meet again.

  200. Pastor (Mrs.) Oretayo Adetola

    I was secretly wishing that I will not have to write a tribute to ‘Pastor’ as I affectionately called him. Much as I know that we should not mourn like unbelievers, I must admit that I was terribly knocked off balance by the news of his demise. It is difficult not to wish for one more day, one more discussion about the assignments, one more word, or at least the opportunity to say; “farewell”
    You were a genuine man of God, I was willing to co-operate with, by the grace of God, in the assignments our Daddy G.O gave you. Only very recently, we were discussing the situation in Guinea Bissau – a field under your jurisdiction and how excited and grateful you were for them to find anyone who can help them!
    Pastor, it was a blessing to have known you and had the opportunity to co-operate with you.
    I know that at such a time of painful separation like this, it is hard to see past our sorrow; the more enriched a person makes our lives, the harder it is for us to let them go. Pastor, you were such a one. All who knew you and had the privilege to work with you will attest to the fact that you were truly a wonderful person: kind and compassionate. – always smiling – full strength and goodness. I will always remember you as a hard-working, honest and respectable child of God.
    Thank God for the wonderful memories you have left for us, who were blessed to have known you. It is my prayer that your legacy will live on to inspire future generations.

  201. Pastor Francis Oluwalade


    Daddy, your transition to the great beyond and glory supernal can be likened to rapture. As I focused on you on that glorious day of your transition, not knowing you are about to be translated from mortality to immortality, I saw you dropping your mortal body for a glorious one. It was like a movie but then it became a reality. As a Soldier of the cross, you appeared in the scene of life and fought a good fight of faith; you finished well and strong. May the name of The Lord be praised.

    As you are resting in the bosom of your dear Saviour, you will ever be remembered for your labour of love in the vineyard of the Master here on earth. Our prayer is that the Almighty God will stand by the family you suddenly left behind and minister inspiration and comfort to them all. Sleep on Daddy until we meet to part no more on that great triumphant and resurrection morning when the church militant will join with the church triumphant at the marriage supper of the lamb.

    Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Francis Oluwalade
    Pastor In Charge of Province
    RCCG FCT Province 1, Abuja.

  202. Pastor H. Hennecke

    Pastor Mrs Helen Hennecke and Family- Germany
    Dear daddy Obanure, we love you and we will miss you so much . I am glad i met someone like you. You helped me greatly, especially in my ministry. Daddy you were a good listener. There is a lot of good things to talk about you, but most of all, you were really a great FRIEND indeed. But you departed so soon. We are grateful to God for the life you spent on earth and your eternal life in Heaven, please Rest peacefully in the bosom of your Lord Jesus,

  203. Pastors Segun and Dupe Emmanuel

    The news of Pastor Obanure’s transition to glory was so sudden . Daddy Obanure was a leader and a father to many. Pastor of pastors indeed . A caring , gentle and loving father . He attended the North America Rccg Convention last year in Dallas after which he paid us a visit in our parish in New York . Inspite of his high position in ministry , he still came to the house to see his children and pray for us . What a loving and caring father ! One remarkable incident was that he met our sister recently at the airport and jokingly said to her that the next time of their meeting would be in Segun’s house in New York . We had looked forward to
    seeing you but God knows the best . We believe you have fought the battles and you have finished well. Pleasant in God’s sight is the death of His saints . You have joined the cloud of witnesses. The legacy you left behind will not be forgotten . Several lives you touched with love . The lord will keep the entire family in Jesus name. Adieu . Segun and Dupe Emmanuel

  204. Toyin Olagoke

    Psalms 116:15 says – “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. – Pastor Olu Obanure”
    We love you but Jesus loves you most. We appreciate your contributions to development of the unadulterated word of God to generations. When the news broke of your demise we could not just believe it but it turned out to be a reality that you have gone to be with the Lord.
    Rev 14:13: And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed”
    May the Lord grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  205. Pastor Tunde and Dayo Benjamins-Laniyi

    Daddy 001 – RAPTURED NOT DEAD!

    God told me, “Dayo , you pray to raise the dead, not the raptured!”
    Now I tell you, Pastor Olu Obanure did not die, he raptured.
    Praise The Lord!

    There are still tears when I think of you alone and in quietness, (and I don’t know that I will ever remember you without them.) Not out of sorrow but as an expression of the memories of a man whose most famous quote to me has become my mantra for living like Christ, “Dayo, God is not as complicated as you make him out to be!”
    Daddy you taught me how NOT to be a complicated Christian. You showed me how to live expressing my testimony of loving God in simple authentic ways. You embraced me when it was hard for others to interpret this small girl so full of spiritual gas.
    (Flaring without understanding.)
    You never condemned me, somehow you saw something so precious in me and even when you chastised me, you never killed my personality.
    I am so grateful for how your lifestyle nurtured my life and brought my husband to me. You encouraged him while warning him that this one was ‘spiro’. At the same time you started to shepherd him, not just in finding a wife but more significantly in finding himself and his place in God.
    Everything Olatunde is today, you nurtured in him. To be a son of God and not a man of God. I am grateful for the husband, Father and Pastor he has become, in him I see you. Your gentleness, your sincerity, your committed passion to being a minister of Gods grace – pure and undefiled.
    I never got the opportunity to tell it to you like this because it’s only now in your passing that I see it so clearly.
    Thank you for the Mummy you gave me. Your precious ‘Temi’ was not easy for me to embrace at first but now I see how her ‘treatment’ of my personality was a training for the aces and distinctions that I hold in my hand today.

    Thankyou for my aburos; Tomi, My first son in the Lord and Bu’th’ola my baby. I prayed with them both for the testimony of Pelumi (since you and Mum said no more children), and God answered us. Then came Tireni….evidence of overflow. I promise you Dad, I am their Mother forever!
    Finally, I remember that auspicious last day we were together, you and I, and I called you by that new name, Daddy 001, never knowing it would be the first and last time I would use it as a ‘live introduction’ expressing my heart of fondest affections and appreciation for who you were, not just to me but to the whole Abuja foundation RCCG Family.
    I love you Dad, but I refuse to mourn as those who do not have a daddy like your Daddy. You’re with Him in Heaven now and I know that because He told me and showed me how you landed as a ‘Heavenly Surprise!’
    You did not die, you raptured!

    HE MADE IT! A Poem.

    It was his last flight to Lagos
    His last flight on earth
    Before his final flight
    Destination Heaven.

    What a heavenly surprise!
    “How am I here Lord?”
    And Jesus smiling told him,
    OLu my son, you made it!
    And Just as you thanked me for making it to Abuja, to Lagos,
    You can thank me for making it to Heaven,
    You have arrived Safe and Sound.
    A testimony of living my life
    by righteousness while on earth.

    Welcome to Eternity!
    Temi will be okay,
    Tomi, Busola, Pelumi and Tireni too,
    Your testimony will live after you
    And what you did not harvest in life,
    In rest You shall have manifest as reward,
    for the ones you loved best.

    OLu my son, you made it!

  206. Ola Adigun-Daniels

    Pastor Olu Obanure!! How do I start referring to you in the past tense?
    To a lot of us, in our tens of thousands it’s a personal loss..
    You knew me in and out, my weakness, my temperament & yet you loved me tremendously, only the way a loving father could have.. Sir it’s an honor to have met you, knew you & for being a son for over 33 good years.. I’m what I am today because of you sir, amongst plenty in the then Central Parish, you found me worthy of sharing that “gold mine” secret with me, you brokered the meeting with the lady who God gave the insight to & as it’s the rest in deed history..
    I couldn’t have written this earlier & not writing at all might as well be hypocritical of me, we all miss you sir & we process the loss in our different ways.. Mine is long denial.. Can we honestly deny that you’re where it’s far better than here? Where you spent your adult life preparing yourself & lots of folks to go.. Baby, Aby Booh-Booh & Fay all are missing you sir…,
    Can I ever get over this irreparable loss? Getting use to may be ..
    Goodnight sir.
    “sai da safe baba na”
    Ola & Baby Adigun-Daniels

  207. Doyin & Boladale Adeyinka

    Rev. Doyin, & Pastor Mrs Boladale Adeyinka. The news of your transition was difficult to accept, but we give God glory that you lived a life that exemplified Christ. We are testimonies to the fact that your sphere of influence was beyond the confines of RCCG. You walked as an iconic father/ shepherd to as many pastors and ministers that are genuinely engaged with the great commission. You believed in us, and opened doors of ministry for us . I recall a particular incident with one of the pioneer pastors in Abuja. We were in his office with our ministry materials, introducing ourselves and ministry to him, when he suddenly asked us, “do you have any reference ?” We mentioned Pastor Obanure, and unknown to us he dialed pastor Obanure while we were still talking to confirm our claim. You can guess what the response was from Pastor’s end. That door opened other major doors for us in the city of Abuja. We are eternally grateful that our paths crossed, and we had the opportunity of encountering one man that truly had a shepherd’s heart- pastor Obanure yet lives.

  208. Oyefeso Oluwaseun

    Hmmm… Pastor we miss you but rest assured you are resting
    Till we meet at the Master’s feet
    Goodnight daddy

  209. Pastor Olu Obanure, How can one quantify the virtues deposited in you by the Almighty God? Brilliant, soft spoken, full of humility, humorous, gentle,diligent,hardworking, tolerant yet firm as a Leader. We totally surrender to the will of God for your life though painful.
    Our dear Pastor, GOODNIGHT.
    Pastor & Pastor(Mrs) Jide Aiyegbusi


    RIP Man of God,

    See you at home! May the Lord grant your family and children the fortitude to bear the loss while continuing in the good foundation and works laid.
    RCCG, Winners Faith 2. Equatorial Guinea

  211. Just like a dream!
    Pastor Olu Obanure just left for heaven
    A true Pastor, Counselor, Mission Advocate,
    An honest man – in and and out of the pulpit
    Husband of an amiable lady, Bolanle Obanure
    Gone so swiftly​, at the ripening of His fruifulnes.

    A listener
    A deep thinker
    An engaging personality
    A devoted missional leader
    An uncompromising bible teacher
    Astute public and Church administrator

    The echos of his life shone beyond his church
    His Leadeship gift cuts across denominations
    He always want​ed more of God’s​ purpose for God’s people
    “Bro Tim, please don’t hold back anything from us on God’s mission.” He once wrote me.
    “One day we will get it right” he opined in his open request.
    He was an excellent encourager – with open heart and hand.

    When Abuja was but a bunch of scattered buildings – he began building a formidable RCCG
    From his spiritual loins came numerous Provinces and scores of national efforts.
    I remember when we talked, prayed, strategized and invaded Israel, you led the invasion.
    I remember when no one gave Niger Republic any chance you sought God and counsel and you moved the troop.

    I remember when I brought 4000+ youths from many denominations and campuses to the Camp for a conf.
    With limited fund and figuratively, out of favour with Redemption Camp gurus.
    He rose like he were the GO to ensure God is honor and His Purpose fulfilled.
    He talked to those above, beneath and around to honor a friend and partnership in the Gospel
    His towering influence, just like his physical body, were brought to bear on all that was needed.

    To say you will be surely missed is to bellitle our loss on this side of eternity
    Pastor Olu Obanure, will sorely be missed by all who treasure integrity, simplicity, humility and faithfulness in life and ministry.
    My wife and I, and all who were part of your pioneering efforts in Abuja will.
    Those who knew you from #ChristianLifeClub and the #DiggingDeep will mourn
    Yet we will all rejoice becasue we’ll see you in the #ThroneRoom someday.


  212. Falajiki Abiodun

    Though I didn’t have close encounters with you but your testimonies from Daddy G O himself is a testimony that indeed you won the battle.
    We will meet again.
    Good night to the daddy of fathers

  213. Ayodeji Ayodabo

    Rest on True Son of God. Words can’t quantify the great deeds you did when you were with us on this planet earth, I remembered how you stood by us when we were building RCF MAPOLY auditorium. Indeed we will miss you. Thus the Caller has called and you answered. May the Caller continue to be with us that you left behind. Rest in Peace Sir.

  214. Ebi Jarikre

    Pastor Olu Obanure.

    You will always simply be ‘Dad’ to me . No matter what side of eternity you are .

    I met him for the 1st time, on the Sunday of the convention in 2012. This tall, dark man in a pink shirt and a grey suit, walking into the Africa missions office in camp wanting to talk to us. He was then SATGO in charge of West Africa and all we were in our 20’s. He heard about what we had done – The Harvesters had decided that our focus was on young people in University, as a result of a meeting held in the nanny’s Tent of the City of David, RCCG. The meeting was between myself, Moni Odunuga and Ayo Bello. We believed that the Boko Haram problem in northern Nigeria was because some young people didn’t have the same opportunity we had, to hear about Jesus. Our goal was simply to build youth churches /fellowships or strengthen existing ones. So in May 2012 we had the 1st youth conference for young people in Benin Republic. Students came from several higher Institutions. It cost us about $10,000.

    Today, I’m only going to speak about his kindness to me. He is a kind and compassionate man. His acts of kindness proved to me God loves me. In may 2014 I lost my Aunt and in a few hours after Pastor Obanure called me from Accra, saying “Ebi what is wrong with you ” and I replied my aunt just died. He called me several times that day, trying to find out how I was doing. He was my “go-to-Pastor”, I could gist with him on any Issue.

    His kindness endeared him to me from being Pastor Obanure to being Daddy.

    I told him about an uncle of mine, who was very sick in Accra in January this year and he said “when you come to Accra in February, we’ll go see him”. I was meant to be in Accra for the Water4Life borehole project . He said “your uncle needs to hear about Jesus” and he was determined to do just that.

    He wanted me come and stay in Ghana for a year to work on the youth church project in West African . Our goal was to set up youth churches within West Africa in 3 Year following the City of David model. He overlooked my shortcomings and believed it could and it would be done.

    He cared about what was happening in my life and gave suggestions. He listened to me no matter what I was saying, took my suggestions to heart and gave feedback on them . He didn’t think I was stupid or inexperienced, he really listened.

    He came to my defense a few times, tried to help me get back my job in camp but Jesus’ will came to pass. When I felt distraught about mission work and what people had done or said about me, which most times were very unkind. He just laughed, which calmed me down and so I just ignored them.

    He was an unique teacher. He taught me with his actions and not his words. For me, class started by just being around him and quietly watching him. His speech, actions, calmness, humility, meekness, his ability to overlook a wrong done to him and his gentleness.

    Pastor Olu Obanure is a teacher of teachers, missionary to missionaries, pastor to pastors, and Dad to thousands across nations and genders.

    I know you will be by the pearly gate to welcome me to the other side, when my time comes. Already missing you, so it is goodnight, Dad. See you on Resurrection Morning

    Ebi Jarikre
    Project Manager
    African Missions Global

  215. Rest in Perfect Peace Daddy Obanure.

    You’ll be greatly missed by your insightful teaching. I remember most of the times when you are called to Minister during the Holy Ghost Service, my Joy always know no bound because I am sure my sermon note will be enriched. We can’t query the almighty because He reserved the best for His children.
    My solace lies in the fact that you are right there on the right side of Jesus whom you served relentlessly while on earth.

    God will comfort the family you left behind.
    Adieu Daddy Obanure, an excellent teacher of the word.

    You’ll be greatly missed by your insightful teaching. I remember most of the times when you are called to Minister during the Holy Ghost Service, my Joy always know no bound because I am sure my sermon note will be enriched.
    We can’t query the almighty because He reserved the best for His children.
    My solace lies in the fact that you are right there on the right side of Jesus whom you served relentlessly while on earth.

    Adieu Daddy Obanure.

  217. Pat. Oladipupo Ebenezer Akintayo

    Daddy i rejoice with the entire member of RCCG worldwide for well life spent of this great man of God. I pray that God will grant the church great peace I’m.

  218. Moji Olajide

    Pastor Olu Obanure’s worship always thrilled me. I can imagine how God would have been feeling.

    His bass voice with always resounding “Praise the Lord”.

    His passion for people, calling people by their first names and always greeting with cheerfulness and care.

    The major mover of the expansion of RCCG in the North.

    He made some of us to own Abuja Chalets at the Lagos Redemption Camp with ease, through gradual contributions and joint constructions.

    Very humble and unassuming. A great mentor.

    So many wonderful memories of this man of God.

    I pray that God will comfort his wife and children in Jesus Name. Amen.

    I pray that all of us, will finish well and finish strong in Jesus Name. Amen.

    A/P (Mrs) Moji Olajide
    RCCG Dominion Arena Area HQ
    FCT 4, Abuja.

  219. A/p SODIPO Oluwole Samuel

    Daddy, your life time has bieng a pride, I m also confidence that your good deed will make way for you in heaven by the special mercy of God. Your presence in HEAVEN Shall be more valuable than your absence on earth. Keep testing in the Bossom of the most high God. Good night Daddy Oluwole obanure


    Daddy, your life time has bieng a pride, I m also confidence that your good deed will make way for you in heaven by the special mercy of God. Your presence in HEAVEN Shall be more valuable than your absence on earth. Keep testing in the Bossom of the most high God. Good night Daddy Oluwole obanure

  221. Dcn Owolabi Peter

    You have fought a good fight of faith and finished strong, we love you, but Jesus loves you more.

  222. Ronke Bello

    Will I ever hear such soothing, amiable, and inspiring spiritual words from a rare gem among pastors? A question too difficult to answer! The days of the church office situated at TMQ (Zone 2), Wuse, Abuja still lingers in my memory. Whenever our paths crossed, his words were, “My Sunday School teacher; how is my brother?” These words gave me a sense of belonging in the mission. Pastor Obanure was a genuine spiritual father, an inspirational leader, a family man, an encourager, and a motivator amid several outstanding qualities. Just a few months ago, he counseled my family and backed it up with both spiritual and tangible support. On the morning of Wednesday, May 3, I received a call of his demise just hours before I planned on calling him and I could not hold back tears that flowed freely. However, I take solace in the knowledge that we will meet again in the Lord’s bosom. My family and I will miss you greatly. Adieu, Daddy Olu Obanure!

  223. Pastor Funso Odesola - AGO (Admin/Personnel))


    It is with heavy heart that I write this tribute to my beloved brother and friend, Pastor Oluwole Obanure, a true child of God and a General in the Lord’s army.

    Pastor Olu as I usually call him is an amiable man of God whose love for people is easily reflected in how he takes personal interest in every member of his church and even the staff members of the offices he has had the privilege to run. He will very easily mention the names of the spouses and children of those he relates with.

    His commitment to the body of Christ and especially the Redeemed Christian Church of God where he has spent several years before his call to glory is remarkable. No wonder God chose him and raised him through the ranks to the position of an Assistant General Overseer in the RCCG.

    Olu Obanure is a fantastic family man, always looking out for his wife and beloved children. His love for his family is always evident.

    As we bid him farewell today till we meet again, my joy rest in the knowledge that he came, fought a good fight and has gone to join the saints’ triumphant waiting for when the rest of us will meet him again at the master’s side.

    May the good Lord comfort the family he has left and also the entire body of Christ. We all will definitely miss him.

    Adieu my beloved Pastor.

    Pastor Funso Odesola
    Assistant General Overseer, Admin/Personnel.

  224. Bola Lawal

    Great teacher and a worthy example to emulate. Your simplicity and humility has made it possibly for the low and high to relate with you.
    When our Church started in U.K. and you visited, you did not want a special treatment. We went about places by train and bus. Through you, we saw a missionary at work. We even missed your flight in the process, yet you were calm and even gave jokes that filled our mouths with joyful laughter. We thank God for your life. You live in our hearts for the numerous good deeds that we can’t recount. We pray that God will comfort the Church and your immediate family. Till we meet at the bossom of the Lord, good night.

  225. Pastor Femi Olatunji


    (Tune: immortal, invisible…)

    1. We celebrate the Lord, great and mighty God
    Awesome God whose wonders adorn the whole earth
    Whose wisdom manifests throughout the whole world
    God of times and seasons, and eternal life!

    2. We praise God who raised this good and useful life
    Who gave to us His son, Olu Obanure
    Who bless’d our own lives with his simple, meek life
    Gentle soul, sweet spirit and great attitude!

    3. We bless God for the years of his sojourn here
    For his home and service to the Church of God
    Dear Father of mercies, stretch your loving arms
    Send heaven’s comfort to family and friends!

    4. All glory to Thee Lord, Good and Great Shepherd
    Who keeps both our brother and us who remain
    Now, we bid you Good night, O dear saint of God
    Till our reunion at the resurrection! Amen.

    June 2017
    Lagos, Nigeria

  226. Pst Ayoade Aderemi Gabriel

    Hmm! Daddy, your death is a shocker of the moment to me, when I heard about your exit from this wicked world, I couldn’t believe you can leave us so soon.We just finished the year 2017 west coast one convention (13th-15th April) at Spintex(ACCRA ,GHANA) in which you told us your desire for year 2018 convention.I met Daddy Obanure in the year 2014 when God instructed me to work for him in Ghana and in the year 2015 I was transferred to RCCG CHAPEL OF LIFE,WINNEBA (GHANA),since that time I have been enjoying the wonderful leadership style of Daddy Olu, he had an open heart that accommodate everybody, nobody is a cast out ,no matter the type of person you are.Daddy was very humble, I was privileged to work directly under his leadership,I have never seen such a leader before, he will relate with you as if he is your mate,encourage you with the word of hope and assurance.Your death had left a big vacuum and big shoe that will only take God to help us in Ghana and in West Coast generally.I LOVE U DADDY SLEEP WELL ON THE CHEST OF YOUR MAKER>>>>>>> TILL WE MEET AGAIN ON THE RESURRECTION MORNING……………. TRIBUTES FROM CHAPEL OF LIFE,WINNEBA ,RCF,UEW AND THE AYOADE’S FAMILY.

  227. Ayo' Fadeyi

    Uncle Olu,

    How sad! You were truly loved in life, and in death. I remember as a newly wed to your wife’s nephew, how I used to visit you and Aunty Yemi in Surulere, when you were both still waiting and trusting God for a fruit of the womb. It was nice to partake in some of your bible discussions and prayer meetings. You were still working with Kwara State Liason Office then. Then “Bambulu” Tosin came along, and I left Nigeria shortly thereafter. Uncle Olu, I saw in you a Christian, a true servant of God. You were very nice to me Uncle Olu, and you are fondly remembered. It is so sad to hear the news of your death Uncle Olu, but I know God has a better assignment for you next to Him at the throne of mercy. May God uphold and support Aunty Yemi, and your children. Sleep on, Sleep well.

  228. wilfred Yakubu

    A spiritual mentor per excellence in whom there is no guile. Like David you (through God’s grace) turned many rookies to mighty men of valour. Today many of us are in the Lord because you saw beyond our raw state to what God can make of us.
    Daddy, you came, you saw and you conquered. Though we would love to still have you around but alas you’ve fulfilled your mandate and it’s time to retire to rest at the bosom of our Lord. We pray God’ll comfort mummy, Tomi, Busola, Pelumi, Tireni and the entire family. God helping us we will make it to the end to meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus.

    Wilfred Yakubu on behalf of :-

    Philip Yakubu
    Akinola Abayomi.
    Gbenga Oke-Samuel.
    Kunle Aluko.
    Kunle Olaofe.
    Celestine Obroku.
    Segun Adekola.
    Paul Ogbu.
    Oluwakemi Yakubu (nee Akinola)
    Rail Marcauley (Nee Fashina).
    Ebi Lawrence (Nee Ayabowei)
    Ronke Awe (Nee Adegoke)
    Timothy Olorunfemi
    Adelaja oluwakoya
    Steve Agbo
    Olubode Ladipo.
    Tola Jaiyola.
    And other members of Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship Abuja (1995 set ).

  229. Pastor & Pastor(Mrs) Oluleye Emmanuel, APICP/WA PICPBayelsa Province3

    Adieu great man of God, RCCG World wide will surely miss you. Our consolation is we shall all meet at the resurrection morning where we will part no more


    Gone too soon, an icon in the Christiandom, a motivator, a mentor, a leader, a unique man of God……………we will miss u dearly, we love you but GOD loves you most……..continue to rest in the bosom of God Almighty. Rest in perfect peace

  231. Moses Kitegui

    Daddy you were just too good to die, you left us so suden, you were always there for all, you know us all by our names and that of our wives. We have this assurance that you are with Jesus. We love you, but Jesus loves you more.

  232. Kay Orisamola

    It is HARD to accept the death of a loved one; especially when you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye; especially when the deceased was taken so suddenly and so shockingly at the prime of life and most especially when it seems like an irreplaceable part of your world is gone. Pastor Obanure is a humble man of God, permit me to say a blameless man of God who will always help. Goodnight uncle, till we meet to part no more. May the Lord console the wife, children, Obanure’s and RCCG.

  233. Abiola Noah

    It’s well with your soul our dear loving and caring pastor. we’ll meet in heaven by God special grace.

  234. Solomon Owomunigbon

    I met Uncle Olu Obanure in person three (3) times @ University of Ilorin Holy Ghost Service, @ RCCG HQ & latest during my wedding about 9 years. We spoke on few occasions.

    He sang a song during the Unilorin HGS: Oluwa jo, wa gbe mi so o ke, gbemi lo si ibi giga ….
    After the programme I met him for the first time & introduced myself as a grandson of Chief Obanure. He warmly received me.
    He would have dropped me in Ilorin town, but he needed to wait for his entourage: He told me. Fortunately for me while trekking to catch up with public a bus, a team of three Pastors stopped and favorably ushered me into their car. In the course of their conversations, one of them mentioned that Daddy G.O was deeply fond of Pastor Olu Obanure, that was why he would always come, before Daddy mount the altar.

    He blessed me with a brand new golden tie when I visited him @ RCCG HQ. He equally arranged my CV for a job opportunity. He also invited to join RCCG.

    My wedding was so honored & blessed with his presence about 9 years ago.

    Last we spoke was when I commiserated with him on the demise of his younger brother & I told him that “Olorun amojo ji nna si ra won. Aani ri ru re mon”.

    On the Saturday preceeding the death of Uncle Olu, I was just discussing with a close colleague (Philip Bello) about him as one of great Ministers in one of the few real churches on earth today.

    The shocking news of his departure came so sudden. It was unbelievable. How & why him!
    All we could say was God is in control & “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saint”.

    His memory is still reassuring, graceful,encouraging & a reminisce of a humble,gentle, peaceful, helpful & reliable man.

    May the great God, the Comforter abide with his loved ones, his great royal family & the RCCG as a whole.


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