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God Bless

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


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  1. A/p SODIPO Oluwole Samuel

    Daddy, your life time has bieng a pride, I m also confidence that your good deed will make way for you in heaven by the special mercy of God. Your presence in HEAVEN Shall be more valuable than your absence on earth. Keep testing in the Bossom of the most high God. Good night Daddy Oluwole obanure


    Daddy, your life time has bieng a pride, I m also confidence that your good deed will make way for you in heaven by the special mercy of God. Your presence in HEAVEN Shall be more valuable than your absence on earth. Keep testing in the Bossom of the most high God. Good night Daddy Oluwole obanure

  3. Dcn Owolabi Peter

    You have fought a good fight of faith and finished strong, we love you, but Jesus loves you more.

  4. Ronke Bello

    Will I ever hear such soothing, amiable, and inspiring spiritual words from a rare gem among pastors? A question too difficult to answer! The days of the church office situated at TMQ (Zone 2), Wuse, Abuja still lingers in my memory. Whenever our paths crossed, his words were, “My Sunday School teacher; how is my brother?” These words gave me a sense of belonging in the mission. Pastor Obanure was a genuine spiritual father, an inspirational leader, a family man, an encourager, and a motivator amid several outstanding qualities. Just a few months ago, he counseled my family and backed it up with both spiritual and tangible support. On the morning of Wednesday, May 3, I received a call of his demise just hours before I planned on calling him and I could not hold back tears that flowed freely. However, I take solace in the knowledge that we will meet again in the Lord’s bosom. My family and I will miss you greatly. Adieu, Daddy Olu Obanure!

  5. Pastor Funso Odesola - AGO (Admin/Personnel))


    It is with heavy heart that I write this tribute to my beloved brother and friend, Pastor Oluwole Obanure, a true child of God and a General in the Lord’s army.

    Pastor Olu as I usually call him is an amiable man of God whose love for people is easily reflected in how he takes personal interest in every member of his church and even the staff members of the offices he has had the privilege to run. He will very easily mention the names of the spouses and children of those he relates with.

    His commitment to the body of Christ and especially the Redeemed Christian Church of God where he has spent several years before his call to glory is remarkable. No wonder God chose him and raised him through the ranks to the position of an Assistant General Overseer in the RCCG.

    Olu Obanure is a fantastic family man, always looking out for his wife and beloved children. His love for his family is always evident.

    As we bid him farewell today till we meet again, my joy rest in the knowledge that he came, fought a good fight and has gone to join the saints’ triumphant waiting for when the rest of us will meet him again at the master’s side.

    May the good Lord comfort the family he has left and also the entire body of Christ. We all will definitely miss him.

    Adieu my beloved Pastor.

    Pastor Funso Odesola
    Assistant General Overseer, Admin/Personnel.

  6. Bola Lawal

    Great teacher and a worthy example to emulate. Your simplicity and humility has made it possibly for the low and high to relate with you.
    When our Church started in U.K. and you visited, you did not want a special treatment. We went about places by train and bus. Through you, we saw a missionary at work. We even missed your flight in the process, yet you were calm and even gave jokes that filled our mouths with joyful laughter. We thank God for your life. You live in our hearts for the numerous good deeds that we can’t recount. We pray that God will comfort the Church and your immediate family. Till we meet at the bossom of the Lord, good night.

  7. Pastor Femi Olatunji


    (Tune: immortal, invisible…)

    1. We celebrate the Lord, great and mighty God
    Awesome God whose wonders adorn the whole earth
    Whose wisdom manifests throughout the whole world
    God of times and seasons, and eternal life!

    2. We praise God who raised this good and useful life
    Who gave to us His son, Olu Obanure
    Who bless’d our own lives with his simple, meek life
    Gentle soul, sweet spirit and great attitude!

    3. We bless God for the years of his sojourn here
    For his home and service to the Church of God
    Dear Father of mercies, stretch your loving arms
    Send heaven’s comfort to family and friends!

    4. All glory to Thee Lord, Good and Great Shepherd
    Who keeps both our brother and us who remain
    Now, we bid you Good night, O dear saint of God
    Till our reunion at the resurrection! Amen.

    June 2017
    Lagos, Nigeria

  8. Pst Ayoade Aderemi Gabriel

    Hmm! Daddy, your death is a shocker of the moment to me, when I heard about your exit from this wicked world, I couldn’t believe you can leave us so soon.We just finished the year 2017 west coast one convention (13th-15th April) at Spintex(ACCRA ,GHANA) in which you told us your desire for year 2018 convention.I met Daddy Obanure in the year 2014 when God instructed me to work for him in Ghana and in the year 2015 I was transferred to RCCG CHAPEL OF LIFE,WINNEBA (GHANA),since that time I have been enjoying the wonderful leadership style of Daddy Olu, he had an open heart that accommodate everybody, nobody is a cast out ,no matter the type of person you are.Daddy was very humble, I was privileged to work directly under his leadership,I have never seen such a leader before, he will relate with you as if he is your mate,encourage you with the word of hope and assurance.Your death had left a big vacuum and big shoe that will only take God to help us in Ghana and in West Coast generally.I LOVE U DADDY SLEEP WELL ON THE CHEST OF YOUR MAKER>>>>>>> TILL WE MEET AGAIN ON THE RESURRECTION MORNING……………. TRIBUTES FROM CHAPEL OF LIFE,WINNEBA ,RCF,UEW AND THE AYOADE’S FAMILY.

  9. Ayo' Fadeyi

    Uncle Olu,

    How sad! You were truly loved in life, and in death. I remember as a newly wed to your wife’s nephew, how I used to visit you and Aunty Yemi in Surulere, when you were both still waiting and trusting God for a fruit of the womb. It was nice to partake in some of your bible discussions and prayer meetings. You were still working with Kwara State Liason Office then. Then “Bambulu” Tosin came along, and I left Nigeria shortly thereafter. Uncle Olu, I saw in you a Christian, a true servant of God. You were very nice to me Uncle Olu, and you are fondly remembered. It is so sad to hear the news of your death Uncle Olu, but I know God has a better assignment for you next to Him at the throne of mercy. May God uphold and support Aunty Yemi, and your children. Sleep on, Sleep well.

  10. wilfred Yakubu

    A spiritual mentor per excellence in whom there is no guile. Like David you (through God’s grace) turned many rookies to mighty men of valour. Today many of us are in the Lord because you saw beyond our raw state to what God can make of us.
    Daddy, you came, you saw and you conquered. Though we would love to still have you around but alas you’ve fulfilled your mandate and it’s time to retire to rest at the bosom of our Lord. We pray God’ll comfort mummy, Tomi, Busola, Pelumi, Tireni and the entire family. God helping us we will make it to the end to meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus.

    Wilfred Yakubu on behalf of :-

    Philip Yakubu
    Akinola Abayomi.
    Gbenga Oke-Samuel.
    Kunle Aluko.
    Kunle Olaofe.
    Celestine Obroku.
    Segun Adekola.
    Paul Ogbu.
    Oluwakemi Yakubu (nee Akinola)
    Rail Marcauley (Nee Fashina).
    Ebi Lawrence (Nee Ayabowei)
    Ronke Awe (Nee Adegoke)
    Timothy Olorunfemi
    Adelaja oluwakoya
    Steve Agbo
    Olubode Ladipo.
    Tola Jaiyola.
    And other members of Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship Abuja (1995 set ).

  11. Pastor & Pastor(Mrs) Oluleye Emmanuel, APICP/WA PICPBayelsa Province3

    Adieu great man of God, RCCG World wide will surely miss you. Our consolation is we shall all meet at the resurrection morning where we will part no more


    Gone too soon, an icon in the Christiandom, a motivator, a mentor, a leader, a unique man of God……………we will miss u dearly, we love you but GOD loves you most……..continue to rest in the bosom of God Almighty. Rest in perfect peace

  13. Moses Kitegui

    Daddy you were just too good to die, you left us so suden, you were always there for all, you know us all by our names and that of our wives. We have this assurance that you are with Jesus. We love you, but Jesus loves you more.

  14. Kay Orisamola

    It is HARD to accept the death of a loved one; especially when you didn’t have the chance to say goodbye; especially when the deceased was taken so suddenly and so shockingly at the prime of life and most especially when it seems like an irreplaceable part of your world is gone. Pastor Obanure is a humble man of God, permit me to say a blameless man of God who will always help. Goodnight uncle, till we meet to part no more. May the Lord console the wife, children, Obanure’s and RCCG.

  15. Abiola Noah

    It’s well with your soul our dear loving and caring pastor. we’ll meet in heaven by God special grace.

  16. Solomon Owomunigbon

    I met Uncle Olu Obanure in person three (3) times @ University of Ilorin Holy Ghost Service, @ RCCG HQ & latest during my wedding about 9 years. We spoke on few occasions.

    He sang a song during the Unilorin HGS: Oluwa jo, wa gbe mi so o ke, gbemi lo si ibi giga ….
    After the programme I met him for the first time & introduced myself as a grandson of Chief Obanure. He warmly received me.
    He would have dropped me in Ilorin town, but he needed to wait for his entourage: He told me. Fortunately for me while trekking to catch up with public a bus, a team of three Pastors stopped and favorably ushered me into their car. In the course of their conversations, one of them mentioned that Daddy G.O was deeply fond of Pastor Olu Obanure, that was why he would always come, before Daddy mount the altar.

    He blessed me with a brand new golden tie when I visited him @ RCCG HQ. He equally arranged my CV for a job opportunity. He also invited to join RCCG.

    My wedding was so honored & blessed with his presence about 9 years ago.

    Last we spoke was when I commiserated with him on the demise of his younger brother & I told him that “Olorun amojo ji nna si ra won. Aani ri ru re mon”.

    On the Saturday preceeding the death of Uncle Olu, I was just discussing with a close colleague (Philip Bello) about him as one of great Ministers in one of the few real churches on earth today.

    The shocking news of his departure came so sudden. It was unbelievable. How & why him!
    All we could say was God is in control & “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saint”.

    His memory is still reassuring, graceful,encouraging & a reminisce of a humble,gentle, peaceful, helpful & reliable man.

    May the great God, the Comforter abide with his loved ones, his great royal family & the RCCG as a whole.


  17. John Hinga Kobba

    May his departed soul rest in perfect peace, may the blessing of God Almighty shower His blessing upon his families in Jesus mighty name.

  18. To describe Daddy Obanure is to attempt to capture the essence of a Man of God that was as plain as he was an enigma. Plain because he was who you saw, he had no hidden parts, an enigma because he loomed so large, you would always be convinced there was still something about him you were yet to discover.

    He was truly one of God’s Generals in terms of his calling, dedication and achievements, in the actualization of the propagation of the word of God.

    His humility was unparalleled, made more so by his looming presence and his soft voice and ever present smile, attributes that earned him the name “The Gentle Giant”.

    The Gentle Giant has answered the home call, he has taken his place in the crowd of witnesses in heaven, singing Hosanna and charging us to try harder and go further.

    I pray for Mummy Yemi Obanure that her strength will not fail, I pray she will live long to nurture their children longer. I pray God will stand by her and speak words of comfort and grace into her heart. I pray their children will continue to grow in grace and grow in God’s stature.

    May God bless the Olu Obanure family forever.


  19. Pst Ezekiel Eniola (RCCG The Gambia Mission) Banjul

    Daddy Oluwole Obanure left an indelible mark for his children to follow. He gave service a new definition for us all; within his capacity as a minister, Pastor, Teacher, Mentor, Counselor and Season Administrator, I admired his doggedness when he ministered to us sometimes in 2014 at Bayelsa 2 workers and minsters retreat . Then, he advised all and sundry to give quality and selfless service unto the Lord. He is a soldier of Christ with special focus on building the people that build the nation. I have learnt a lot from his leadership styles and qualitative administrative acumen. His legacies to me have high pedigrees. He is a tactful soldier of Christ who is steadfast and diligent until death knock at his heart. Daddy, sure ooooo!

  20. Modupe A

    We thank God for the life of a warm and gentle man of God. I pray that the Almighty God will comfort and uphold his family, loved ones and Rccg.. I first met pastor in the Headquaters EB, many years ago (~2002). I was touched by the way an ordinary person like me, was received by a great man of God. He never knew me, yet he received me well. God was and is still glorified! He has gone to glory! He played his part well. God continue to bless the work you did in Jesus’ name, amen. Rest in peace Pastor Obanure!

  21. Am Grateful to God to meet Daddy Obanure in Ghanah convention, and He prayed a departing Prayer to all Pastors, and all Parishes, Areas, and Provinces. wow! i was glad to be there for his Fatherly Prayer to His Children. May the Great God of Shepherd continue to abide with his loved ones, the Great Priesthood family of THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD.

  22. Adetola. A. Oluwatimilehin

    Oluwatimilehin A. Adetola
    July 13

    Daddy obanure we love you so much, though I only meetmeet you once in Lesotho and that encounter was never erased from my memory, I remembered after I finished leading the Sesotho song you called me to teach you and even write it out for you, I was so happy, humbled and honored to have been called by you and not only that but to teach you a song. You are so humbled sir,you are a great man of God with so much humility, so gentle, fatherly and friendly I had wished I had opportunity to be close to you sir. Several men of God came to visit us in Lesotho at that time but you are so different a pure example of true child of God. ‘Position’ never took away the nature of Jesus, godly character and His ways from you. We love you so much sir and we will miss you. As painful as it is you are in the best place where there is no pain and sorrow youyou fulfilled your destiny and made it sir. My prayer is that may we also fulfil His purpose here on earth and make it to heaven in Jesus name.

  23. Odige of Rosemary

    Kate you leaved a good lif though short but very impact full. You touch my and all that comes your way in a special way and I believed you made it.sleep on my dear until resurrection morning


    Gone too soon, an icon in the Christendom rest in peace daddy ever since I met in LP 1 HQ you have been a role model to me and my wife God Bless the great family you left behind till we met again at the bosom of Christ RIP DADDY

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