2018 RCCG General Fasting

This years fasting will be in two phases, The first phase is going to be between January 11th to March 1st. for 50 Days
The second phase is going to be between July 1st to 30th.

If you miss a day, you compensate with 2days. If you want to do the first one continuously without breaking (Marathon) 21days will be enough,
And if you’re doing the Second continuously without breaking (Marathon) 12days will be enough.

Prophesy for the Church:
* A lot of us will sing of the mercies of the Lord.

* Many of us will triumph over those trying to keep us down.

* Both faithfulness and unfaithfulness will be speedily and vigorously rewarded.

* Daddy says count down to judgement and harvest beings. Depending of which is your own there.

* Daddy says count down to comprehensive victory begins for many.

He says stop drifting take a firm step, stop going from here to there and take a firm step.


Download Prayer Guide for Month of July 2018 here


Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


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  1. Glory Onyero

    Abba Father my husband just informed me that he wants us to go our separate ways without any good reason after 21 years of marriage. God if that is Your wish and plan for me blessed be Your holy wonderful name if is not Your wish God please work in my favour and make me happy.

  2. Daniel Honick

    Hello, my name is Daniel Honick. I am from America. I have asked God for th gift of speaking in tongues. I have also asked God to lead me to what words He wants me to say, know, and believe. I was lead to a youtube song by RCCG Mass Chior lead by Olubukola Bekes.
    Is there any meaning to Jah-weh Ni-Ra Be So Na Ta? If some one can reply and interpret it. I will greatly appreciate it! May God Bless you!

    • Mercy Frank

      Hello brother Daniel Honicks how are you? Peace, joy and wisdom be with you. To your prayer request to speak in Tongues, do you now speak in Tongues? And do you have all requests granted?

      Sis Mercy Frank

  3. Christiana Temiola

    My husband & I are trusting God for d fruits of the womb & for an open womb. I had one child a year after my wedding and since then nothing happened again. We believe that this year is our year of double portion and so we ask you to please join us in prayer & intercede on our behalf to God for the manifestation of our twins this year in Jesus name.

    • Gabriel O

      Just believe God and open your mouth and He will fill it up. To receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tounges, you must first confess Jesus as your Lord and personal savior. Read Acts 1:8 and pray and I believe God with you. Some brethren in our fellowship received the gift of tounges yesterday at the discipleship class to the glory of God.Yours is next in Jesus name

  4. Rachel Titlayo Onoja

    People of GOD pls help me out, there re kilins of people at igala land my place at Kogi St people ave been runin up and down nd d worst part of d matta is dat d wicked governor here refuse 2 pay workers salary pls people of GOD HELP me and my family members to escape 4 our lives with any amount of money 2 nearest state my no is 09068103145 Racheal.

  5. Sue

    I have been going through rough times in my new Job, Father have mercy on me, show your wonders and turn all my sorrow into praises. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  6. Chisom

    I need God to intervene in my case regarding my work permit and residency in the U.S. I have been battling with this problem for too long and I need divine intervention. AMEN

  7. please i want God Almighty to show me His infinite mercy in my life concerning any health problem for Him to heal me from every sickness and diseases true the amazing power in Jesus Christ Amen

  8. keijo

    Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks for helping,bless,keijo sweden

  9. CB

    I lost my student status in the United states due to depression, lack of drive, and financial difficulties. Ending of last year, I was put in removal proceedings so I am currently facing deportation. I have been in the U.S for 10 years so this is such a devastating experience. Also please pray that my suicidal feelings and hopelessness won’t overcome me. The devil keeps telling me that I would lose my case and be thrown back to Nigeria. All my mates are ahead of me in life so this would be the end of me. Everybody is so differnt from me- my sister is a nurse here in the U.S, my little brother is in pilot school……I can’t end up a failure, I just cant.

    • F. Dada

      Hello CB. Hear what the Lord says about you in Isaiah 41: 10- “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”
      These words proceeded from the mouth of God Himself. Keep holding unto these words. God is true to His words. He will never leave nor forsake you. Keep rejoicing and always sing songs of Praise unto God. He will change your story and give you beauty for all your ashes in Jesus’ name.

    • Shobayo

      God is your refuge and fortress,the present help in the time of trouble,the voice of the voiceless,the help of the helpless,the senior advocate.Always use psalms to pray for mercy and divine intervention.hurray to buy prayer rain from Dr d.k olukoya for aggressive deliverance self prayer .you shall testify.Jesus loves you above all,accept him first of all.


      My name is Bayo Babarinde fom and i lived and worked in Ilorin, kwara state Nigeria. I ll be glad to share our walk in Lord here also with you as well. It is written that one will chase one thousand and two will chase ten thousand. Feel free to share your experience with me and i l do the same. God Bless

  10. Adenike Abiodun

    I want to do business but i do not know the kind of business i will do although have being praying about it . I want God to lead me to kind of business i will do that is why i do God’s guidance. Please join me in prayer .

  11. mary odigi eru

    Good day sir, please i want to use this plartform to send my prayer request, the link on the site is not working. my name is Mary Odigi Eru, Reigning King Parish, Ikori uwokwu, Kings Court Zone, Benue Province2. Am pregnant few months to deliver, am always afraid wether i will deliver safely. please pray for me for safe delivery.

  12. Mama Isaiah

    please pray for me, let my husband debtors pay him. mama isaiah. Reigning King Parish, Ikori uwokwu, Kings Court Zone, Benue Province2

  13. CB

    Just came back here to give a testimony. I am CB who made a previous comment on April 5th, the day when I felt so down I thought I should just end my life but God showed me some light this month. I have been in the U.S for 10 years, middle of last year my life started spiraling out of control especially when I was put in removal proceedings , facing deportation. However, on May 8th ( this month ) I received a notification from U.S immigration telling me that I have been approved to get LEGAL WORK PERMIT!! For me this is a HUGE STEP IN PROGRESS, a change in my destiny from ashes to glory. I believe that this is a sign that God is giving me to show that he is fighting my battle for me and so I should not give up. I have the faith and believe that this is the year that I would finally get my permanent residency in the United States. God really is merciful and all I can say is thank you.

    Bible verse I really wanna share with you all: ( Psalm 46:5 )

    “Since God is in her midst, she will not be shaken. God will help her at the break of dawn.”

    • Chinenye

      I read your prayer request and felt your pain and I am so happy to read the Lord has started the victory in your life. This is encouraging and will use this to encourage myself and any other person going thru such trying time and feeling ending it all is the only way out. I pray you use this testimony to bring many to Christ. I love testimonies. Looking forward to more joyous testimonials from you. God bless

  14. Taiwo

    Prayer Request : Please join myself and wife in prayer, we have been believing God for the fruit of the womb since we got married about 2/3 years now, and also my wife resident permit to be granted here in UK. Please brethren support us in prayer. God would honor all our labor of love.

  15. Taiwo

    Prayer Request: Brethren, please support myself and wife in prayers, we have been believing God for the fruit of the womb for about 2-3yr of we being married. God to bless us with our Twin boys this time next year. Also, for God in His Infinity Mercy to grant my wife Resident permit to remain here in UK , we have been on this also quiet a while now. I will come back to testify of His faithfulness.

  16. S.O.

    There is this strange affliction that came upon my wife for almost a year now with symptoms of movement of an unseen object(worm like) between her throat and her heart with accompanying hotness of her head and body emaciation and general health instability. Each time we are on prayer session or under God;s divine presence in a glorious service, this burden of affliction will be lifted only to re-surface after a while . We have prayed all manner of prayers using almost all relevant portions of the scripture. We have also looked inward and confessed all known and unknown sins. We have tried to renew our faith in the Lord as we are not just born again by His Grace but also preachers and teachers of the gospel of salvation under RCCG. We had sent a letter on this matter to Daddy G.O. and had replied us through text message that our testimony is close. This was some months ago. We arr still making concerted efforts toward seeing Daddy personally though it has not been easy making such link. We really need Divine intervention through your standing in the gap for us in place of prayers.

    • Ali

      have your wife tested for kidney disease, dehydration and ion imbalance (muscle spasms et al), and of course keep believing God and praying for His perfect will to be done over the matter. – Ali from maiduguri

  17. akpsubi blessing ehis

    lord please i need ur help in my life… i need a spouse before the end of this year.. let my helper locate me this month of may.. favour of God in my life… and those that have forgotten me will hastily call me in jesus name.. uncle wilson will not rest until he pick up his phone to call and help me.. my relationship will not crumble again in jesus name.. and the one that has gone will return back to me in jesus name.. even olawale hamzat and emmanuel novo

  18. Juliana Asabia

    Brethren please pray for us that God will give us children( l mean three boys, one girl) and that God will provide a job for my husband. And give us our financial breakthrough. We want to be useful to God physically, financially and spiritually. Amen.

  19. Easter

    God of Enoch Adeboye, Nullify the counsel of the wicked ones that orchestrated my that i should not be promoted at work this year. Despite their recommendation that i should remain on the same grade, Baba, take this beyond them , surprise them and stun them with my promotion on the same list where they dont want my name to appear, embarrass them and let them see that it you O Lord that has the final say ! Let me receive congratulatory messages this month !

  20. Gabriel

    Kindly support me in prayers over my startup and the present project we are working on that we shall receive favour and our labour will not be in vain

  21. Adeosun Oluwatosin Oyeleye

    My name is Oluwatosin, have been praying for divine connection from above to my helper, and also that God should surprise me with a new job before this year runs out. I know that God of daddy E A Adeboye will grants my request. Assist me in your prayer.

  22. Vincent

    I was healed of high blood pressure that have been disturbing me seriously during the May 2018 holy Ghost service via television. I return all glory to God Almighty him alone deserve my praise forever.

    • Chinenye

      I tap into your testimony cos I have been battling hbp and trusting God for permanent healing for me and hubby’s blood sugar issues. I will testify when He does mine. God bless

  23. Gbemi

    I have been believing and trusting God for Marital, Career and Financial breakthrough for myself and my sisters. I wish for you to join and Assist me with your prayers to break every siege of Marital Stagnation in my family . I will come back to testify of God’s goodness. Thank you

  24. Olatundun

    my Name is Olatundun. Kindly support me in prayer.
    l want God to connect me with my divine Helper, His light to shine upon me, let me be recognize and be single out for unprecedented Greatness and unmatchable increase has HE as promised. This year I want to testify as others do.

  25. Yetunde

    I leave in the USA and a terrible abused marriage. I am confused about the relationship I am involved through a revelation. Now I do not know if this man is truly the man to marry.

  26. Joy

    I am looking up to God for a full paying scholarship which i already applied for. Please pray along with me. I must be one of thethe candidates

  27. Grace Wusu

    Sir, am standing in the gap for a sister named Praise Jackson and her elder sister for the fruit of the womb. Please, join me in prayer sir. That God should bless them with the fruit of the womb accordingly to his word. ” For delay, he will give them double’. and now is the time and season. God bless you sir.

  28. LW

    I have been out of job for over a year now, providing for myself, my wife and 3 children is a great challenge.
    Lord Jesus, I want to serve you and I don’t want to be an ordinary Christian.
    Being an employee will not allow me to serve you as I ought to, because I will not be able to control my time.
    Please Lord, provide (provision) adequate finance for all my (visions) business ideas in this 1st week of July 2018 in Jesus name… Amen.

  29. Peter

    Please pray for me I need the spirit of the lord with courage and boldness to do his work and stand for him.

  30. Edozie Edith Oluomachi

    please Sir, I want you to pray along with for a divine visitation in my family and for a good job for me and my two siblings.
    For God to also bless me maritally. In Jesus name Amen. Edith

  31. LAURA

    My name is Laura from Uganda. Two months ago, I told God that I needed a professional job and that I was tired of casual work. I made a firm decision of quitting the job I had. Currently, I have applied for a position in an international organization and I fully have faith that my position is there. Am going to testify very soon in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen..

  32. Sunday adaji

    I need your prayers concerning my destiny,my acedemics,family that His might hands will rest upon me.the grace to know him more and the grace to say no to sin.

  33. Kolade

    I want to join the people of God in the July fasting and prayer. My prayer request is that God should reveal to me the secret of effortless success in every aspect of my life especially academics.

  34. I.b

    Please pray for me, I have been battling with genital warts for too long. It causes me depression

    I desire a complete and permanent healing before the end of the 30 days fasting in July

    Please pray for me

  35. Ibukun

    I am believing God for relocation of me and my family to Canada before the end of this year, kindly Join me in prayer that the Lord should make it possible for us,that everything needed to facilitate it to be provided.

  36. Dee

    I want to join the July fast and prayers for open womb for my wife. That God should grant us the grace of another child, I also will use this period to thank God for the international job he has provided for me and to use it open doors that I least imagine in my career. I also want him to direct my wife to a job in the country my job is taking me too. I also want God to grant my sisters their heart desires to meet the right men as well as strengthen my mother who lost her husband this year.

  37. Abiola

    My name is Abiola. Just moved to the US with my family. After my first child, my hubby and I are believing God for twins this year, a boy and a girl. And we also pray that the lord should perfect our stay in the U.S in Jesus name.

  38. Mrs I . O

    Lord God Pls break every the barrier to marriage in my siblings lives. My sisters are 52 and 42 not yet married, and a brother 49. All just managing a place to work, infact, no job. Daddy God, please change all this. Let their marriage happen, give them jobs. God of Papa Adeboye, who can do all things. do it for me, give my sisters their rightful husbands and my brother a means of life and a wife. Lord forgive all our sins IJN. I pray in Jesus name.

  39. Father we thank for your great mercy towards your church. Thank you for keeping our father your Son Pst. E.A Adeboye. Please father keep him for us.
    The grace to be faithful during this fasting give to us in JESUS NAME. I know by your mercy all my weakness will over , all lack and poverty around me shall be over even before the end of the fasting . There shall be no death in my family and church this year in JESUS NAME AMEN

  40. Beverley

    Greetings in the name of the Lord. I’m Beverley from the RCCG Kings Borough Christian Fellowship Church in Sidcup, England and need to leave a testimony. Last year at the Festival of Life, the Lord gave me two messages through Daddy G. O. One was “Those who have written you off will be shocked by the end of the year” the second message was ” I’m going to surprise you so much by the end of the year”
    The end of the year is the church year and I didn’t know then what the Lord meant. I’m 57 and the Lord has helped me to sit 4 GCSE exams in between May and June this year… English, maths, religious studies and Art and design.
    I receive my results in August, but already feel that I have passed as arrangements have been made for me to take my BTEC Business Administration course and my BTEC Art and Design which start in September.
    I thank You Jehovah Jireh and I know that I most certainly could not have done any of this without You. In the four years I have had You in my life, You have always surprised me. I pray that You keep on doing it in Jesus name. In the first year You delivered me from smoking cannabis and cigarettes after 30 and 40 years addiction respectively, You healed me from asthma and COPD on the day that I let Jesus into my life, and I haven’t needed medication since that day. I went through discipleship school that year too, and a month after graduation was enrolled in the RECSOM UK. and also took my ECDL exam which is equivalent to a GCSE grade A*-C.
    I always feel Your presence around me to make me know that you are there. Don’t ever stop building me up for Your good pleasure my Beautiful Husband. Keep giving me Your firey love when it be Your will. Thank You Lord

  41. Yetunde

    God hepl to break the marital barrier in my life. God help me to get married this year 2018 and Almighty God should bless me fruits of womb. Pray for me that God should open my womb this year 2018 and I shall conceive twin in Jesus name

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