2018 RCCG General Fasting

This years fasting will be in two phases, The first phase is going to be between January 11th to March 1st. for 50 Days
The second phase is going to be between July 1st to 30th.

If you miss a day, you compensate with 2days. If you want to do the first one continuously without breaking (Marathon) 21days will be enough,
And if you’re doing the Second continuously without breaking (Marathon) 12days will be enough.

Prophesy for the Church:
* A lot of us will sing of the mercies of the Lord.

* Many of us will triumph over those trying to keep us down.

* Both faithfulness and unfaithfulness will be speedily and vigorously rewarded.

* Daddy says count down to judgement and harvest beings. Depending of which is your own there.

* Daddy says count down to comprehensive victory begins for many.

He says stop drifting take a firm step, stop going from here to there and take a firm step.


Download Prayer Guide for Month of July 2018 here


Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


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  1. EBUN

    please join me to pray for a new brain that is not autistic, disordered, retarded nor hyperactive for my son. that God should restore his sound mind and restore him completely and speedily and help him to fulfill destiny in Jesus name.

    • Emmanuel Ekpenyong

      Lord Jesus, I agree with this person according to your word that whatever two of us shall agreed in this world would be done. I agree with for for the restoration of her son in Jesus. Please turn her captivity and cause them to sing songs of victory in Jesus name. Amen

    • Busayo

      I believe God for a new brain for your son. God will heal him completely and grant him peace of mind in Jesus name. Ebun, Your joy shall be full in Jesus name. Amen

    • Lanre Sobola

      Lord I join my faith with her faith, please answer her request speedily, and let there be a testimony in Jesus name.



    • Oluwatoyin

      I join my faith with yours. Your Son is restored in good health and in sound mind in Jesus Name. Amen!


      Our Father in Heaven, to HIM alone be all the glory. We thank you for the life of this your son of my sister. Lord, I pray that your healing mighty hand rest upon this your son and perfect every part in his body that are not functioning properly. Nothing is impossible for you O Lord, please have mercy O Lord. Thank you Lord for you have done it. Shalom.

  2. Sis Bose

    I Thank God for the salvation of my soul and my family, also Thank God for the Redeemed Christian Church Of God. I need Gods help for a profitable job presently am a volunteer teacher under the federal government scheme (Npower) which is rounding up by November but I know the God of Adeboye Abba Father will not put me to shame I will get the job of my dream before the end of July in Jesus Name Amen.

  3. Ademuyiwa Abiodun

    I thank God for the salvation of my soul and for His mercies over my family.Pls join me to pray for total financial deliverance.I’m tired of the valley.Pls join me in praying for a project in about to kick off these month.May God of Pastor Enoch Adeboye grant me success.pls join in in praying for financial stability for my husband.Admission for our son Joshua to the university this year and financial support from the Almighty God..Grant my 2nd born exam success in his junior waec and promote his younger brother to the jss2 with very good result.God shd keep my children from evil and provide twince/triplet for my younger sister Kemi who has waited on the Lord for the fruit of the womb for 7years .May the good Lord answer all my prayers in Jesus name Amen.

  4. Afolabi Oliwatoyin Elizabeth

    Pls pray from me that God should please deliver me from slavery, prison and this unpleasant situation that i found myself in d process of seeking for a greener pasture and a better living before the end of this July 30 days fasting and prayer

  5. Opeoluwa

    I thank God for the salvation to f my soul,join me in prayers that the lord restore all lost glory, that God should heal my leg, help me with my own husband, a man that will love me for who I am, a better job…..and above all more zeal/grace to serve God better

  6. Oluwole Adeusi

    Please join me to pray for Divine favour, Spiritual upliftment, God’s grace and mercy upon myself and my family in this second half of 2018.
    May God’s hand of advancement be upon myself and my family in Jesus name….Amen

  7. Glory

    I apply for admission visa to travel n study n not just to study but to stay there n work as well but yet they haven’t given me respond…Have been praying n I am believing God of E.A ADEBOYE will do it b4 the end of July ijn…Amen

  8. mide

    I thank God for the salvation of my soul, I also give thanks to God for all he has done and what he’s still going to do. Please I need God to provide good Job for me in this month of July and I also want God to give me Divine direction on the little business i am about to start this month of July. I know it is done in Jesus name in this month of perfection. Please join me in prayer as I strongly believe that my greatest God will do it for me.

    • Oladele

      I Pray in thy Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth. The God Almighty will Settle You in Your Business that you want to Embark on and The Good Job that You are Believing in God For.In This Month Of Perfection In Jesus Mighty and Unfailling Name.Amen

  9. olalekan akinola

    Please help me to pray that poverty should not have is place in my family anymore, and it should pack all is belonging and leave our life forever, to give us forever space not ever to have capacity to debar us to serve Jesus Christ again.

  10. Father give me the grace and power to live a life of holiness, so that I will not miss my crown in heaven…
    Father by your infinite mercy in this second lap of fasting and prayer, please lord, break me through spiritually, financially and physically.
    Lord, in this second lap of fasting and prayer, by your greatest power, let me shine through your light and remain a light forever.
    Lord take away lack and sorrow away from my family at large.

  11. Brother Idowu Oluremi

    please, joing me in prayer for the fruit of womb, going to 3 years of marriage. in this second quarter of fasting and prayer that the Lord should remember my family and give me victory over barreness.

  12. Oluwaseyi

    I thank God for the salvation of my soul and for the God of our Daddy, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. Please i want you to join your faith with mine and help me in praying to God for safe delivery and a baby boy, I have had two girls with CS delivery and i don’t want to believe in the trend of “Once CS ever with CS” I want the God of Daddy Adeboye to prove himself as the Almighty God that can do beyond human imaginations. i want to deliver the baby myself when the time is due in the name of Jesus. i have lots of debt that must be cleared within few weeks, i believe God to make provision for me before the end of this July fasting. Also i want you to help me pray for my husband’s job stability, that God should break totally every curse of struggle in his life that the great man God has made him to be should manifest now in Jesus name.

  13. Nkoli

    I bless God for truly being the husband of the widow and Father of the Fatherless. I need divine intervention in my life and Jesus kids under my care, I need prayer for good health and financial breakthrough. For God of Daddy Adeboye to make us shout Halleluyahhhhhhhhh…… Joy of the Lord is my strength.


    Biblically, it is wrong to ask, pray or submit a petition to the almighty God using the name of the “God of Adeboye”, in as much as daddy G.O is our father in the Lord we should be careful not to idolize baba. The only name to pray is the name of Jesus. Bible says, look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

  15. Ebunoluwa

    I am believing God for healing for my son who is asthmatic, I am also believing God for a better job. Amen

  16. adewunmi oluwayemisi

    Please help me pray for my son and daughter for God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding for them to excel in their career and journeying of life.

    2. Help me to prayer for God peace and harmony; because my marriage of five years is shaking.

  17. Haastrup Temitope

    Father In Jesus name, I thank you for making me to see another new month. I thank you for all you are doing in my life.i thank for my salvation and for the grace to go more deep in your word. Pls I want me to win the case that one landlord bring to the front of me. He bring judgement upon himself not me. He went to the court and lie over me. He didn’t give me an letter or text me or call me but he said all that to them in the court. But now I want the God of my father Daddy Adeboye to visit him and proof to him that he is the Almighty.

  18. Folasade

    I want to thank God first of all for what he has done for me and my family in the 1st half of the year. I am believing God for a change of Job in this 2nd half of the year. I am believing God to divinely connect me to my destiny helper as regards my change of Job.

  19. Akin

    I pray for opening doors in all areas. Better job opportunities and greater level with God in relationship.

  20. Gbemi

    Please help me pray that before the end of this 21days fasting and prayer the God of daddy G.O will locate my husband with a good job and we shall sing song of victory in my family in Jesus name. Ami

  21. Oshinowo olaide

    Please pray for restoration of peace in my marriage, secondly pray for financial break through and divine intervention for my husband, thirdly God mercy and his favour from above during my interview at America embassy in two weeks time cos my husband and kids were granted theirs but I was refused because of this my kids can’t travel to their promise land has promise


    Please, join me to pray for breakthrough in my career in this month of perfection IJN. Also join me to appreciate God for His protection and provisions for my family IJN.

  23. Am not a Redeemer, but am a close follower of this commission. Daddy G.O is my Jesus in person. Am of the Catholic faith. Am a Married man, I discovered sperm don’t com out of my penis wherever we make love. That has kept us childless since. Doc said it’s retrograde ejaculation. Please join and agree with me in prayer for deliverance.

  24. omoyemen

    Please pray for my son Tewogbola that the Lord wil perfect all that concerns him. Pray for a brand new brain. He a boy diagnosed with cerebral palsy

  25. Francis Ukalibi

    Please send the prayer points to my email too because after downloading it on my android device it refused to open please help me out.


    I bless God for his goodness in my life.please help to pray for a miracle job for Mr Abraham Othniel Praise.

  27. exceptionalbiddy

    I thank God for his faithfulness,provisions and mercies over my family in the first half of 2018. I ask for perfect healing for my husband and financial breakthrough,that the Lord will make a way of multiple blessed transactions for us and restore in multiple folds all that the enemy has stolen. God should pay all our debts in a miraculous way,make me gainfully engaged in my business or job and i should never loose or cry over any member of my family and also that the grace that brought us this far will see us through to the end in Jesus name. More importantly i need God’s direction concerning a crucial decision we are about to make. God bless.

  28. Ola

    Please pray for me for marital rest, I am tired of starting all over with men, I am tired of failed promises(promise and fail), I’m tired of heartbreak disappointment and tears. I want my own husband this year. Please say a prayer for me .

  29. testimony

    I thank the Almighty God for his goodness and answer prayers since i join the RCCG Tabernacle of praise team,Am believing God for American Visa by the end of this year,i prayer that on the day of i and my children interview,Heaven with open for us and the favor of God will grant us the Visa in Jesus name Amen.

  30. Kehinde Olaide

    Dear Brethren, let’s make this a prayer chain, kindly pray regards the last prayer request before writing out your own prayer request, the next person also pray for you and so it goes…The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much.God bless us all

  31. Blessing

    please i need help me pray concerning my life in need breakthrough in my finances and my family, also marital issues i need a suitor. thank you.

  32. Blessing

    please help me join hand in praying with me my destiny helper to locate me, and i need a job before i graduate from university. secondly, God should wear me a new garment and i should be loved. thirdly my mum drinks too much we dont know if its spiritualy we need God hand in her life.

  33. Father of Heaven and earth ,the Almighty God, in name above other names,The ONLY GOD that answer the prayers of Pastor E.A.ADEBOYE,quickly, join me to cry to God for quick and forever total cleansing from family lineages poverty, background,backward, stagnation, and restore to His WILL, before the end of July fasting and prayer, particularly my marriage, real estate business and to start His business, new parish, Amen

  34. Olajumoke Ayekoloye

    God please settle me this year with a God fearing husband and children, give me a health challenge free life, free me f diabetes n fibroid. God please save my family from disunity. My journey back to Africa and my job let it be smooth n crash free.

  35. Dairo Zion

    Daddy I need prayers.I have heart ache paining me most of the time, I have vision for the you which I’m embarking upon in the mean time.

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