2018 RCCG General Fasting

This years fasting will be in two phases, The first phase is going to be between January 11th to March 1st. for 50 Days
The second phase is going to be between July 1st to 30th.

If you miss a day, you compensate with 2days. If you want to do the first one continuously without breaking (Marathon) 21days will be enough,
And if you’re doing the Second continuously without breaking (Marathon) 12days will be enough.

Prophesy for the Church:
* A lot of us will sing of the mercies of the Lord.

* Many of us will triumph over those trying to keep us down.

* Both faithfulness and unfaithfulness will be speedily and vigorously rewarded.

* Daddy says count down to judgement and harvest beings. Depending of which is your own there.

* Daddy says count down to comprehensive victory begins for many.

He says stop drifting take a firm step, stop going from here to there and take a firm step.


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Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


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  1. Glory Onyero

    Abba Father my husband just informed me that he wants us to go our separate ways without any good reason after 21 years of marriage. God if that is Your wish and plan for me blessed be Your holy wonderful name if is not Your wish God please work in my favour and make me happy.

  2. Daniel Honick

    Hello, my name is Daniel Honick. I am from America. I have asked God for th gift of speaking in tongues. I have also asked God to lead me to what words He wants me to say, know, and believe. I was lead to a youtube song by RCCG Mass Chior lead by Olubukola Bekes.
    Is there any meaning to Jah-weh Ni-Ra Be So Na Ta? If some one can reply and interpret it. I will greatly appreciate it! May God Bless you!

  3. Christiana Temiola

    My husband & I are trusting God for d fruits of the womb & for an open womb. I had one child a year after my wedding and since then nothing happened again. We believe that this year is our year of double portion and so we ask you to please join us in prayer & intercede on our behalf to God for the manifestation of our twins this year in Jesus name.

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