2018 RCCG General Fasting

This years fasting will be in two phases, The first phase is going to be between January 11th to March 1st. for 50 Days
The second phase is going to be between July 1st to 30th.

If you miss a day, you compensate with 2days. If you want to do the first one continuously without breaking (Marathon) 21days will be enough,
And if you’re doing the Second continuously without breaking (Marathon) 12days will be enough.

Prophesy for the Church:
* A lot of us will sing of the mercies of the Lord.

* Many of us will triumph over those trying to keep us down.

* Both faithfulness and unfaithfulness will be speedily and vigorously rewarded.

* Daddy says count down to judgement and harvest beings. Depending of which is your own there.

* Daddy says count down to comprehensive victory begins for many.

He says stop drifting take a firm step, stop going from here to there and take a firm step.


Download Prayer Guide for Month of July 2018 here


Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


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  1. caleb uzo

    daddy I need your prayer for me I want to travel out of country but no help from the people that suppose to help me I have people that can help me but they are just running away from me please daddy I need your prayer please daddy I really need to travel outside

  2. Emmanuel

    pls help,i need guide on how my father cab be part of the group of people pray for by daddy GO every month. pls he’s is suffering from stroke. pls help me with contact number or address or name anything please

  3. mummy Joy .A

    l bless God for d salvation of my soul, God spoke to me on d mnth of may dis year concerning what he will do in d mnth of june, am still believing because i know God cannot lie. Pls join me to pray let God confirm his word

  4. Glory

    I thank God for His numerous blessings and mercies upon my family. My children are hoping to start school by August but as it stands we can’t even pay for the returning student not to fail of the freshers. Our rent is long overdue and one of my husband’s client is owing him heavily and has sworn he will not pay since he is in power. I am a daughter of Daddy G O and I pray that God of my father will turn the hearts of all my husbands debtors that they may pay us before the middle of August Amen.


    My Father My Father and My Maker, please uproot the spirit of anger away from my wife, bless my marriage physically, spiritually, financially. please let me and my family serve you better in the name of Jesus.

    Father, every enemies that want me dead disappoint them, let there be conflict in their camp in the name of Jesus.
    Father, every enemies of my business and my career, put them to shame in the name of Jesus.

  6. Chinwendu A.

    Please join me in prayers for marital breakthrough. I am 39 years, working class, yet no husband. sometimes i feel depressed and unhappy. My younger sister is married with kids, the other about to me married, i don’t know why mine is taking time. Father Lord, please locate me to my divine husband this year in Jesus name. Amen.

  7. Chinwendu A.

    Please join me in prayers for marriage breakthrough. I am 39years old and yet not married. My younger sister is married with kids and the other about to be married. Sometimes, i feel depressed and annoyed. Abba father, please locate me to my husband this year in Jesus name, father, please do not allow this year to pass me by. Amen.


    I ask Daddy G.O and fellow believers to pray for me, for GOD to deliver me permanently from HPV and its related diseases before the end of this 2018 July fasting.

  9. Pls, pray for me in getting admission into the university this year and the course i choose, and God should uplift me and my family into a greater height this same year you pray for me God will grant you your heart desire

  10. bro and sis Princewill ayemi

    pls my family need Financial Breakthrough to enable to pay up all our debts.because our creditors are making mockery of us and have been calling us all sorts of names.

  11. Mary ziggy

    I pray in the name that is above every other name Ebun your son is healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen victory is urs

  12. I want to give a space of 100 by 100 feet of my land for the establishment of RCCG Ministry. It is in Sango B,Mayanja Bungoma County Kenya.I made a covenant with God long time that I will give land to a serious ministry in he things of Godand I want to be free .Be praying with me.Welcome.

  13. keijo

    Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  14. Praise Abubakar

    In this month of dominion i pray in the name that is above every other name that God will give me and my family financial breakthrough, give me an everlasting peace of mind and also give me testimony about my daughter winner…….. let her walk to the Glory of God. finally give my Dady in the lord strength from above as millions will experience testimony like never before.

  15. Babayemi Dasola

    Help me to pray, i want to gain admission into the university in this year 2018 and also for Gods grace to pass my eXam

  16. I av a younger sister name PROMISE a 8yrs old though she was late in walking but after some years she walk but since august last year things are getting worst for her but presently she can no more stand on her feet not talking of walking please sir our family need prayer

  17. lindah Mbulo

    papa I need your prayers. I confess that I have not been a good wife in some instances but I have rededicated my life to Christ.

    my husband wants divorce, am against it. please pray for me that this divorce does not hold. my husband should give me that last chance. we are having a family meeting scheduled anytime next week. please pray for me

  18. Olorunsola kayode oluwole

    I give glory to God for d healing on my stomach that has been paining me over 12 years nau. God made me whole through d laying of hand of our father in d Lord at d September divine encounter praise the Lord

  19. Heavenly father,please pray for me .i have been sick with the issue of blood in my body for the last 12 is ruining my life and taking away the energy i once had.i have lost everything, even friends have held back from me,i need a friend. My head hurts and i have bad dreams,deliver me from it all.i know i have No right to ask of this,rather i believe that the Christ is full of mercy and forgiveness.All i need is his undying love and friendship protecting me from all pitfalls and bad karma. I have come to you,for in Christ the saviour i trust.

  20. oluwole bukola morenikeji

    I need prayer on my admission and freedom from financial breakthrough in my family,o lord let your grace be sufficient for me and my household

  21. Charles Uchechuku

    Online giving is proving difficult especially the phone number space it refuses to accept number, please work on it. Thanks

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