To register online Click Here:  Online Registration

If you have already registered then simply click here to login: Login to Partner 75

For those of us who would still like to make payments into the Banks we strongly advise you to REGISTER your details on the Partner 75 online platform first. You can do that by visiting the  Online Registration Link Here

Read more information below

Registration is to enable you get  your ONLINE PARTNER75’S CODE starting with “RCCGP75” for example RCCGP7510324 & this code will be sent to your email and to your mobile phone as text. When next you want to make your payment you don’t need to register again just go to then click on PARTNER75 LOGIN Link here, to sign in.  You will be required to enter your membership code and your mobile phone number as password and the system will bring you to your membership page where you can then make payment ONLINE.

You can click on HISTORICAL PAYMENT DETAILS to see all the contributions you have made from the day partner75 programme started till date. Kindly be reminded for  those who want to pay cash, you have to register first, and then obtain your PARTNER75 code. You will then take this code to any branch of Zenith Bank and pay cash. Please note that you must go there with your PARTNER75 CODE for the payment to appear under your name.

For each payment you make you will receive either a confirmation email and/or sms from RCCG server and you can login to view such payments. You can also download RCCG MOBILE PAYMENT app from to make payment using your mobile phones.

For more information you may also click here: Partner75  Online Payment Information

You can now make payments into the Following Bank accounts if you decide not to use the online payment platform:

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ   Bank: Zenith Bank  (Naira) 1130072053 

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: GTB (Naira) 0118192289 (USD) 0008109979

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: FCMB (Naira) 4428912010 

Account Name:  RCCG NATIONAL HQ  Bank: UBA (GBP Pounds) 3000953808

Kindly note that you can also make your donation for an entire year at once if so desire


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Worldwide), Pastor E A Adeboye has requested that His Children (Those that call him Daddy) become members of  “Partners 75”

The Partners 75 are those who are willing to sacrifice 75 of what they have to support the missionary work of the Church.


For you to be a member of the Partners 75, you may join any of the following groups.


General: Pray for Pastor E.A Adeboye for 75 minutes or more every month. This roughly equates to about two and a half minutes a day.


Group 1

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75 Kobo

America. Monthly donation of 75 cents

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75 pence

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75 European coins

Group 2

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 7.50 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 7.50 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 7.50 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 7.50 Euros

Group 3

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 75.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75.00 Euros


Group 4

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 750.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 750.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 750.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 750.00 Euros


Group 5

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 7,500.00 Euros

Group 6

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 75,000.00 Euros

Group 7

Nigeria. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Naira

America. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Dollars

United Kingdom. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Pounds

Around Europe. Monthly donation of 750,000.00 Euros

Group 8

You can donate any amount higher than those in any of the previous Groups monthly.

If you are writing a Cheque, kindly address it to “Redeemed Christian Church of God” and write ” Missions Effort” at the back of the Cheque.

God Bless you!

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13: 8


Km 46 Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Redemption Camp, Nigeria.
Phone: +234-1-8447340, +234-0-7098213112
Email: [email protected]



    • Folashade Adeyemi

      I ha‭ve problem logging in , my name is shade Adeyemi , and the login code sent to my mail is
      RCCGP75310403, Kindly assist .

    • Oluwafemi Jesutoni

      maybe the network is bad. can i help you out with the registration. you can contact me on 08131816254. i mean no harm.

  1. Oluwabunmi Usiayo

    Hello I joined partner a pin was not given to me and I have made payment of a year science march

  2. omolara onye

    please i need assistance on how to pay my partner 75 & covenant partner. i have been to zenith & gtb and they said they can access the page. i encountered same problem last year which make me to paid the bulk at team Nehemiah stand in camp

  3. Faith Igwulube

    Bless be God who has kept us till now.
    I have been paying for my donation of #750:00/month and I have paid till December 2017 since March. Am surprised that no payment has been recorded for me. I did not know that I even have to log in, and also did not know I have to upload proof of payments, and I have always made transfer with my phone.
    When I logged in this I was surprised to see zero payment.
    Can records of bank alerts be look into and my payments updated please. Thanks and Good bless us in JESUS NAME.

  4. Claire


    There is a serious issue with your online Partner75 platform. It fails to convert to the equivalent of dollar plus, payment remains impossible. Please, can you rectify this?
    Thank you.

  5. Femi H.Akinsola

    Thank God for this opportunity, I was able to make payment this morning and code received using the online platform.


    Hello! The GTB transactions I made today were 3 in number, one of which I did not bother to confirm because I got a bank alert. However, I have only been acknowledged for 2 transactions by email and on my payment history page. The balance stated therein is incorrect as evidenced by my bank alerts. I would sincerely appreciate it if this error is rectified. Thank you.

  7. my name is Gideon Douglas, am from Akwa ibom state , schooling in Uniuyo…
    am tired of keeping quiet, I need a life changer financially.. I have Bern in redeem for 5years with my parent and next year 2019 (June) will make me 6yrs, but my life is still the same financially, I need help from someone here because I need money to use and invest.. Overseer as been speaking about love, pls someone should show me a little care and love
    my acc number… y name is Gideon Douglas, am from Akwa ibom state , schooling in Uniuyo…
    am tired of keeping quiet, I need a life changer financially.. I have been in redeem for 5years with my parent and next year 2019 (June) will make me 6yrs, but my life is still the same financially, I need help from someone here because I need money to use and invest.. Overseer as been speaking about love, pls someone should show me a little care and love
    my acc number.:2116938121
    acc name;; Gideon Douglas Udoh.
    zenith bank.
    [ thanks as you appreciate me with token transfer, may God reward your children and next generation of yours, may them be favoured in Jesus name: AMEN]
    nationality @Nigerian


    Please, I registered in the partner75 years ago and I aslo made payments but I stopped making donations due to some challenges. Now I which to continue but I can’t remember or fine my code. How do I access my account

  9. Simplice Omolara Elizabeth

    I joined the convenant partners online in June 2018 for convince sake, l given an lD number but since d beginning of July,2018, l have not been able to login with the ID to pay for July. Please what can l do to pay?

  10. ariyo samson olu

    Please i cant acess my phone again so i have no way to retrieve my partner code number can you please help me.

  11. ariyo samson olu

    Good day my name is Mr. Ariyo Samson Oluwatimehin am a member of Partner 75 I have been unable to log into my account because I don’t have my RCCG code. It was sent as a text message to my phone but currently the phone is no longer working. Please can you help me retrieve it and send it to my mail.
    Awaiting your favourable reply.

  12. S. Olaolu AFOLABI

    pls is there any other type of partnership?, because none of this once was among d 1 I subscribed,pls let me know if there is another type of partnership, if not so I can choose among this once, send me d pin code to pay online, thanks


    I been having Di in registering, l have tried it severally but am still getting the same error feedback, l have been a partner since February but has not registered, please l need assistance.


    Please l wish to receive my code via SMS, l received a message that said it was sent to my email but for weeks now I have not received the message.


    Good day, I just registered in few minutes a go. But I have already paid the last year with TEAM NEHEMIAH. please What next now?

  16. Tosin Sodeinde

    My name is Sodeinde Olutosin I have been trying to register for 3 months without any success. I have been transfering the money to UBA account no 1006803688. Please what do I do?

  17. Rachel

    Hello, I registered yesterday but did not get any email. I tried registering again and got this error message
    Our records shows that you are already registered on our system an email has been sent to your email address with your Login details

    I am yet to get my login details please.

  18. Opeyemi Ogunmuyiwa

    Admin, please I have lost my RCCG Code so I have been unable to pay, kindly send it to me through the details I will be providing in this form as it is the same I used to register. Thanks


    Good evening. Please i made a donation for 15 months, from October 2017 to December 2018 but I just checked my payment history and nothing is recorded. Though I paid in the bank into the account


    I made a cumulative 3-month payment (for Oct, Nov & Dec 2018) on 23-Nov-18 and my account was duly debited. However my transaction page on RCCGP75 still indicates that the transaction was unsuccessful… till date!
    I just made my January 2019 payment today and it was however successful.

    Please check and reconcile the 23-Nov-18 payment. Also, work on making the payment portal more Robust & effective, including the security features (sometimes the payment portal tells me the information I’m transmitting is not secure).

    Thanks & Remain Blessed.

  21. AAA

    I have been trying to make payments from the USA without any success. The portal is not working for international transactions, please help look into this. GTB is not responsive at all, Zenith and Stanbic kept giving error messages.

  22. Tobby Manuel

    I am totally surprised that there’s no listing of my country NAMIBIA amongst the list of countries in the drop down section of the Partner75 e-registration form.

    Please could you kindly rectify.

  23. Good morning. I am member of Partner 75. For the last 5 months I have been trying to make a payment online but it’s not working. Please I need you to help resolve this issue. The online payment portal is not working

  24. Good morning. I am member of Partner 75. For the last 5 months I have been trying to make a payment online but it’s not working. Please I need you to help.

  25. ‘Toyin A

    Dear sir/ma, the online payment portal for Partners 75 is not responding for payment at all from the UK since the beginning of the year and hence I’ve been unable to use the portal to make my payment for the year 2019, can someone please help look into rectifying this.
    Thanks and God bless.

  26. Adebola

    Dear sir/Ma,

    I have the same experience as many other people have mentioned. The online login has not been responding for payment since November 2018. Made my December payment to a bank account details the headquarters. However, I received an email to remind me of the payments I have missed I responded to make explanations as to why I am yet to receive a reply. I tried to login in with my details again but unable to login. Say error or inactive. Please, could you kindly look into this? I have tried to screenshot my payment details but the contact number doesn’t seem suitable. Please kindly advise on the number to use.

    Thank you.

  27. Adebola

    Dear Sir/ma,

    The P75 online payment portal like other partners have mentioned has been malfunctioning for me since November 2018. Made my December payment to a bank account provided. However, I received an email on payment,. Tried to logging in to view my account but kept saying error. I have made payment in arrears but do not know how to get a screenshot across to you. Please. could you rectify the login details, and kindly let me know how to send you a screenshot of my payment. I attempted via the email provided but the email did not deliver.
    Thank you


    Since GTB is part of the Bank for Partner 75 please I will prefer to make a transfer from my GTB account. So how would I do it with my partner code? Please am waiting for your response. Thanks.

  29. Oluyemisi Kara

    I registered since inception of partner 75. I was sending my cheque from US, where i reside. To my amazement, I got an email from [email protected] that no payment has been received from me. I checked all returns of cheques I wrote out back to 2017 and discovered that one cheque was cashed. All other cheques were either lost or not cashed. Can you please advice what to do.The cheque was cashed 8/8/2017, was deposited to PNC bank [usa].

  30. Good evening .I have joined Convenant partners before the creation of partners-75. Since i am a member of the previous convenant partners, i decided to continue with that one and i have not join partners 75.Please I need information on how to check my payment record. Or is it now compulsory for us to join partner 75? So what now happen to my previous account and code? Please I want a quick response. Thks

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